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And...........Now TV stick is installed on our TV. Hooray!!!!

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Trisha57 Sun 30-May-21 16:37:50

A little while ago I posted about my DH's technophobia regarding our TV. You may recall that we had to watch everything via our TalkTalk box so that he could access Now TV, which will not install directly to the TV because of incompatibility. Well, yesterday was his birthday and he duly unwrapped the NowTV stick that I had bought him. And today our son-in-law came over and did all the technical stuff.

DH is now watching football on Now TV, directly through the TV and in glorious super HD! We have also picked up HD on a few channels that didn't have it before. So far, so good. Only problem we have now is that every time the TV is switched on, we have to go through a bit of a rigmarole to set it to the right area for the aerial. Well, four presses of the remote control so not too painful.

I am just so glad that we are now getting the best from the TV so thank you all those who helped with my initial query/post. I am now a happy woman!!!

B9exchange Sun 30-May-21 16:40:36

That's really good news, I felt for you, husbands can be so stubborn sometimes! grin

Trisha57 Sun 30-May-21 16:42:35

They certainly can, B9exchange!

MiniMoon Sun 30-May-21 17:00:36

Well done for bringing your husband up to date.grin
Now, if only mine would use the smart remote, and not faff about with two (one for the TV one for the Humax box).
I may have to resort to hiding them!

Trisha57 Mon 31-May-21 09:42:44

I know exactly how you feel, MiniMoon. I have duly hidden the Talk Talk box remote control. I can't believe he just came over while I was typing this and listed two more advantages "he" had discovered by using the blooming TV properly! Men!!! grin

Trisha57 Mon 31-May-21 09:44:13

Oh, and the aerial setting problem seems to have disappeared overnight......

Manhattan Tue 01-Jun-21 18:40:29

Hi Trisha,

Userid change since we last chatted about this. I'm very glad to hear that the Now stick has solved the problem you were having and you can now enjoy all the features of your new smart TV.

Trisha57 Thu 03-Jun-21 17:05:04

Thank you Manhattan - I think I can guess what your previous user-name was smile.