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Channel 4 not showing subtitles.

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Lovetopaint037 Mon 27-Sep-21 20:51:20

Has anyone else found this. It is the normal terrestrial Channel 4. It’s been like it for a couple of days. All our other channels are showing them as usual. I pressed the subtitle button and it showed the option of “off” or English. I checked all the other channels that were working as usual and they were also set the same. The internet only shows problems with All 4 and not the normal channel 4. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. Would be pleased to hear if this is the case.

Beechnut Mon 27-Sep-21 20:58:35

No subtitles for me on Channel 4 either.

Margiknot Mon 27-Sep-21 21:01:16

Channel 4 froze on Saturday for a few hours. Perhaps it is enot back to normal yet?

Lovetopaint037 Mon 27-Sep-21 21:32:06

Thank you so much Beechnut and MargiknotPerhaps it will get back to normal soon. Hope so as our hearing is poor and we tend to depend on them.

BlueBelle Mon 27-Sep-21 21:46:34

I read there was a fire alert which caused the problems on Saturday

Ro60 Mon 27-Sep-21 21:46:58

Just finished watching Jaimie Oliver!!! - Had to keep rewinding - especially when he was talking about ground coriander😂

Hope it's not the norm

Nonogran Mon 27-Sep-21 21:51:33

Ch 4 issues for me too tonight, Monday. Can’t follow “24 Hours in police custody !! “
Really annoyed. I can’t follow TV without subs! Grrrr.

Saxifrage Mon 27-Sep-21 21:57:21

Sent them an email this evening asking why no subtitles, no reply yet!

Nonogran Mon 27-Sep-21 21:58:38

Well done Saxifrage! Thank you.
Keep us posted.

Auntieflo Mon 27-Sep-21 22:00:03

I thought it was just us!

Nonogran Mon 27-Sep-21 22:06:47

First dates just the same.
I’m off to bed. angry

Beechnut Mon 27-Sep-21 22:14:01

I put channel E4+1 on at 10pm and it says ‘Off-Air’.

Nonogran Mon 27-Sep-21 22:22:09

See this link:
Scroll down through it.
Technical issues with the sub title providers.

Lovetopaint037 Mon 27-Sep-21 23:48:59

Thank you Saxifrage. Hope you get a reply soon.

Lovetopaint037 Tue 28-Sep-21 19:46:22

Cannot understand why Channel 4 don’t mention this problem in their news programme. Wonder how many people think there is a problem with their tv.

Saxifrage Wed 29-Sep-21 15:13:57

At least I have had an answer from Channel , doesn't help much but still…..

Date: 29th September 2021

Dear Viewer

Thank you for your e – mail regarding Subtitles on Channel 5.

Channel 5 appreciates all viewer feedback. Due to a recent incident in one of our broadcast centres, we are continuing to experience disruption to some of our services. As a result, subtitles and audio description may not be available and you may experience some interruption to our Live TV service on My5. We apologise for this disruption to your service.

Our teams are working hard to restore it as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely


annodomini Wed 29-Sep-21 16:33:52

As programmes on All Four are repeats of shows originally aired on Channel 4, that could explain why there are no sub-titles/

eazybee Wed 29-Sep-21 16:37:55

Last night Channel 4 ,the second programme about D Day, no subtitles.
Thanks for pointing this out, I thought it was my TV.

SusieB50 Wed 29-Sep-21 17:10:41

Yes no subtitles , I tried to put them on for Bake Off last night as I was having problems understanding . Thank you I thought something had happened with my TV at first …

Beechnut Wed 29-Sep-21 18:51:23

Doesn’t appear to be any subtitles on E4 either.

M0nica Thu 30-Sep-21 16:19:01

By law 95% of all tv programmes have to be subtitled. if Channel 4 isn't dpoing so it is in breach of the law, and will be fined or as negotiated a temporary halt for them for acceptable reasons.

DD was a tv subtitler for 11 years and they would all of them struggle to work through floods, blizzards, and howling gales, because if the 95% requirement was breached the tv companies would expect the subtitlers who caused the problems to pay the fines.

Severnsider Thu 30-Sep-21 16:25:44

American programmes like Smithsonian and PBS don't have subtitles - perhaps there aren't any deaf people in America