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MayBee70 Fri 10-Dec-21 19:00:37

I went to the garage to fill up my car with petrol. After the fiasco of no fuel being available a few weeks ago I’ve resolved to keep my tank full at all times. However, when I went to put the petrol in my car I saw a sticker saying, this petrol may not be suitable for all cars as it contains ethanol. I asked in the shop and they said it would be ok but, with memories of people ruining their cars by putting leaded petrol in unleaded tanks and vice versa I decided not to bother. I’ve just checked it out and it seems my car will be ok with this petrol but I did feel like a batty old woman at the garage getting flustered about which petrol to put in her car! I wasn’t going to risk it though.

ElaineI Fri 10-Dec-21 19:30:50

I have been using the E10 petrol for some time. I have noticed that I need to fill up over a week and a half before I used to with the old petrol. Someone posted on FB that it was not as efficient and I looked it up and that's correct. You get less miles to the gallon. So on top of increasing petrol charges, you get less mileage. I'm not scientific enough to work out whether having to use more is better for the environment, however it is not better for our purses! I wondered if after using the E10 you can go back to E5 (premier petrol) although it is more expensive still. You are definitely not batty MayBee! Things better for the environment are not all they seem it seems!
Was also wondering if anyone in the areas with no power for 10 days were able to charge their electric cars 🤫

MayBee70 Fri 10-Dec-21 21:16:18

Someone else who worked in the garage came out and pointed to the more expensive petrol in the next pump and told me I’d be better off using that, which confused me even more. Thankfully I had over half a tank anyway so didn’t need to fill up. I’ve always used the same pump in that particular garage and have been doing so for years so I was even more confused because someone was using ‘my’ pump. Added to which the garage has changed hands and has been refurbished. Since the pandemic started I’ve hardly used my car so haven’t filled up very often.

welbeck Fri 10-Dec-21 21:39:18

there was a lot of publicity about this some months ago, or was it last year, when it changed over.
if in doubt, pay more and fill with super unleaded, until you can get home and check in detail.
don't risk being stranded without fuel.
some people alternate with the new E10 and super unleaded as they think it helps the performance, esp of older cars.

MayBee70 Fri 10-Dec-21 22:53:46

Thanks welbeck. The man at the garage did advise me to use the super unleaded but I didn’t understand why that would be a safer option. There’s a government website that tells you which cars can’t use the new petrol. I’m so dependent on things like my car, credit card, phone, iPad etc etc I worry so much about any of them not working and I’ve had problems with all of them recently! I even had the classic flat battery due to not using the car. I’d considered cancelling breakdown cover given that I wasn’t driving much when it happened so glad I didn’t.

Teacheranne Sat 11-Dec-21 00:31:42

I think it depends on how old your car is, most bought recently will be fine with E10 petrol. Otherwise, have you tried googling the make and model of your car, when this change was first made I saw several links to websites to check compatibility. I did not need to as I bought a new car in August.

MayBee70 Sat 11-Dec-21 01:50:26

Yes. There’s a government website I used.

bikergran Sat 11-Dec-21 19:11:42

My old car Honda Jazz almost 17 yrs old, seems to be loosing power over the last 6/8 weeks , not sure if it this new fuel

I am going to see if I can find a garage nearby that still has the E5 fuel and try going back to that.

MayBee70 Sat 11-Dec-21 19:41:29

It says Honda cars that do not use fuel injection should use E5 not 10. Not that I understand what fuel injection means.

Katie59 Sat 11-Dec-21 21:03:21

Most cars built in the last 20yrs will have fuel injection, on older cars like classics the new E10 can affect seals and rubber pipes. In theory you will loose 3% of power but some are reporting more, modern engines are capable of adjusting themselves over time, so alternating fuels is not helpful.

It’s all part of saving the planet and it costs