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How to transfer photos from my I Phone to laptop or memory stick

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jeanie99 Tue 29-Nov-22 22:58:44

I thought when I attached the cable from my IPhone to the laptop it would show up as a device like my camera does. When we were away it showed in someone else's laptop which I thought was strange.
I have too many photos to keep sending by email.
Anyone have any ideas.
Someone mentioned I tunes but I didn't understand since this is music.

Theexwife Tue 29-Nov-22 23:04:08

Open photos on your iPhone. Press select, top right hand corner. Touch the photos you want to transfer, a tick will appear on the photo. In the bottom left hand corner there will be a rectangle with an arrow, press, this will give you some options, press the iPad picture. The photos will then be sent.

iPad has to be turned on for this to happen.

Theexwife Tue 29-Nov-22 23:05:06

Sorry just re read your question, didn’t notice you were transferring to lap top, ignore my reply.

MayBee70 Tue 29-Nov-22 23:08:41

I wish I could help! I had a new computer and someone from the shop set it all up for me. But after he’d gone I tried to download the pictures on my phone onto it and it didn’t work. I’m going to have to get someone to come to my house and sort everything out for me. I get so frustrated by being such a technophobe!

biglouis Tue 29-Nov-22 23:10:10

This s why I prefer to use a "proper" camera. Just take out the memory card and slot it into the built in card reader on the computer. It shows up immediately.

nadateturbe Tue 29-Nov-22 23:11:03

Would it be possible to transfer them yo a memory stick and then put on your laptop.

Blossoming Tue 29-Nov-22 23:15:47

You can do it with a desktop Windows PC using either start - autoplay or File Explorer, depending on your Windows version. I should think it would be possible with a laptop too. There’s bound to be a YouTube video showing how to do it.

Missedout Tue 29-Nov-22 23:39:05

If you have saved your iPhone photos to iCloud, you can add the iCloud app to your (Windows?) PC and just download any photos stored in iCloud.

There are lots of ways of transferring files between Apple and other operating systems, I use a wireless transfer app between my Android phone, Apple and Windows devices.

crazyH Tue 29-Nov-22 23:41:57

Yes Jeanie you can. It would be much easier to go on to YouTube for a tutorial. I also have an app called ‘Send Anywhere’. If you download this app on your iPhone and your Laptop, you can easily transfer photos, by following the instructions. Good Luck !

NorthFace Wed 30-Nov-22 01:07:03

I can only help with a MacBook.

If you are using a Mac, go to the Finder app on the Dock, click on the Finder option in the top menu, select Preferences and then Sidebar. Under Locations, make sure the box for CDs, DVDs and iOS devices is checked.

Still in Finder, select View from the top menu and make sure Show Sidebar is selected. Once you attach your iPhone with a cable, it should show in Locations.

Tizliz Wed 30-Nov-22 11:55:43

It should be easy. Plug your iPhone in, go to photos and in top right hand corner click ‘download new photos’, done! If it doesn’t work then they have changed it recently because I did it this way last week!

Tizliz Wed 30-Nov-22 11:57:34

That should read - go to photos on iMac. Of course if you have windows 10 then I can’t help

jeanie99 Sun 11-Dec-22 01:02:13

Thank you for all you responses, I did try you tube and Google but unfortunately I didn't understand the instructions.
Yes a camera is best to use but this plonker when I went away forgot to pack the cable from camera to laptop so I couldn't transfer. Well that left me once the batteries had run out with only my IPhone for taking photos.
Yes I did use the slot on my laptop for the photos from the camera I had already taken but after the batteries ran out I had no other choice than the IPhone,
Anyhow I did actually transfer the photos, complete miracle. I went to turn off my laptop and in the box which comes up is a list of different things I think these may be called aps, one of them was Photos so I clicked on it and it came up with a window. I can't explain how I did it just tried a few things and low and behold the photos transferred.