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Can anyone make use of train ticket

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glassortwo Sun 18-Mar-12 10:57:50

I have 1 return train ticket from London Kings Cross to York on the 1st April 9.30am and return Wednesday 4th April 14.55pm

Both my Sister and I had booked a ticket for 3rd Sister unknown to each other, so this ticket is going to waste if anyone could make use of it.

Anne58 Sun 18-Mar-12 11:07:54

glass I think you could get a refund on it, minus a £10 admin fee? Worth checking it out.

glassortwo Sun 18-Mar-12 11:12:06

No tried so its just going to waste, it was booked at discounted price so wont exchange or refund phoenix someone maybe able to make use of it.

Butternut Sun 18-Mar-12 13:14:20

glass what a very kind thought. I

Carol Sun 18-Mar-12 13:34:28

That's very kind of you glass I hope someone is able to take you up on your offer smile

glassortwo Sun 18-Mar-12 20:28:27


Jacey Sun 18-Mar-12 20:50:52

glassortwo please can you explain your last post ...have seen one or two other posters use the term but i don't understand? blush

glassortwo Sun 18-Mar-12 20:56:25

jacey its just to bump the thread back into active, as some people only read the active posts. smile so it may be overlooked.

Jacey Sun 18-Mar-12 21:02:03

Thank you glassortwo ...enjoy your trip to York and I hope you find someone to use the ticket sunshine

glassortwo Sun 18-Mar-12 21:13:18

Thanks jacey I hope someone can make use of it, I hate waste grin

glassortwo Sun 18-Mar-12 22:27:25

I should have mentioned that I will be travelling from Newcastle to York, and my sister no 3 is on a different train. Just in case anyone was worried about revealing their identity.

glassortwo Mon 19-Mar-12 08:02:00