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Summer holidays

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Katalogue Mon 18-Jun-12 10:31:04

Do you still look forward to summer as a time for holidays? Or does being older mean holidays have become something you can have at any time?

Or perhaps [austerity emoticon] sad not at all?

I am planning to take 8 and 10 yr-old GSs away this summer. Does anyone have any bright ideas for holidays that work for 70 year-old (fairly fit) grans and lively boys?

glammanana Mon 18-Jun-12 11:09:54

Katalogue Whilst my grandsons are now much older and no longer find a holiday interesting with nana or gramps (we now only have 2 under 10yrs) we used to find that a cottage or bungalow on a farm very good value and very interesting for them,there was all manner of things for them to do from feeding the animals to tractor rides and picnics and walks the activities had them tired every night and gave a nice few hours for us to relax and enjoy our own company and a few wine.
If they came to stay when we lived abroad we always made sure it was not to hot during the day when we where out or looked out for special deals at waterparks and daily outings arranged by tour companies they have been on courses for pottery and painting and many other differant activities,sometimes the best holidays have just been on the spur of the moment and go where the leads good luck.

granjura Mon 18-Jun-12 11:57:17

For us - now we can, we avoid July/August, Bank Hols and half-term dates like the plague. Much prefer May/June, then September/October for Europe. The only month I hate in the year is November - so a visit to our daughter in the Canaries if perfect for then.

Of course when grand-children are a bit older they will be coming to spend many long holidays here with us.

granjura Mon 18-Jun-12 11:58:56

Perhaps something like Club Méditérannée would be perfect if budget is not an issue- as it is all inclusive with so many kids activities, sport, etc, organised for the kids all day long- giving you a bit of a breather and 'me' time?

AlisonMA Mon 18-Jun-12 12:14:58

We usually avoid school holidays but this year will be going in July as that is when DS and fiancee want us to go away with them. Our GSs are not old enough to come with us yet.

We try to go away in Feb/Mar and Oct/Nov one to explore and one to fly and flop in the sun. It is amazing how time can fly when you are doing nothing in the sun!

Love not having to arrange cover for my hols or ask anyone's permission. Also not having to rush in to work after flying in early morning! It is great to be able to go when we like for as long as we like. Just loving retirement!

Grannylin Sun 19-Aug-12 11:55:59

I am trying to organise a family get together for a long weekend at the end of September- me,OH,DS 1 and 2, 2 DiLs,2 toddlers 2 DDs and BFs.Have looked at Center Parcs but locations are limited,it needs to be anywhere south of Manchester, north of Plymouth! Grandchildren want fun, children want relaxation, husband wants quiet, I want space. No-one wants to rent a house unless it has a pool and activities. Has anyone been to somewhere, possibly with lodges, that would fit the bill?

numberplease Sun 19-Aug-12 17:09:23

Now that youngest grandson is about to start school, we`re no longer tied to our son and his wife`s preference for holiday dates, so now, as long as we avoid school holidays, when he`ll be with us again, we can go away on dates that we like instead.