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Help with packing [part 2]

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Tegan Thu 10-Jul-14 20:00:03

As you know I have problems with packing and always take far too much stuff. I'm doing one of those coach trips round California for 2 weeks and I've started packing already [not going for ages]. Has anyone done one of those holidays? I'm pretty sure that all I need to approach it as an activity holiday, not a dress up smart holiday but at the moment my bed is covered in clothes with me standing next to it with a puzzled look on my face. I'm hoping that hotel rooms over there provide tea/coffee making facilities etc.Will I be able to get decaffeinated coffee there? Any tips would be most welcome. Will I need insect repellant/ is eating out quite cheap etc etc. My brain is feeling quite frazzled.

EmilyHarburn Sat 17-Jan-15 11:39:08

Dear Tegan

Do hope you enjoyed your holiday. Did you make a list of what you wore? This then serves as the basis for the next time.

I keep several clothes lists on my computer. I put place, month and average temperatures on the top. Then when I travel again I can pick one and up date it.

Like you I start packing early. I keep travel knickers that wash and dry easily in a net to take with me. I also take a large net for the dirty washing so the clean and dirty do not get mixed up. Also I use packing blocks, 1 for night wear, 1 for underwear etc.

All the best