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Little Life Saver

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Eleanorre Tue 15-Sep-15 16:05:31
I find this a very handy things for holidays . I like to be doubly sure of everythings so have several copies filled in plus stapled to them photocopies of our pasports.

Maggiemaybe Tue 15-Sep-15 16:58:44

This does look useful, and I've printed it off. But at least one thing is wrong. You don't have to have your EHIC on you for it to count. I mislaid mine just before we went on holiday recently and checked this out in a panic. This is from the email reply the EHIC team sent:

It is not compulsory to have the card when travelling. Should the need for treatment arise during your visit to an EEA member state or Switzerland, you can apply for a Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC) from the Department for Work and Pensions on 0044 191 218 1999. There is no other reference number available as only an EHIC or a PRC will be accepted. You cannot apply for a PRC unless the need for treatment abroad arises.

So there's another useful number to add to the Little Lifesaver! smile

Ana Tue 15-Sep-15 18:10:39

I thought this thread was going to be about life-jackets for babies and small children! grin

Maggiemaybe Tue 15-Sep-15 18:18:15

Or those sweets that used to be mentioned in American books. It always used to confuse me when someone pulled one out of their pocket. grin

Coolgran65 Tue 15-Sep-15 18:19:16

I thought it was going to be about a 'ladies travel wee bottle' to use in a car in an emergency.

Thank you for such a useful number for the provisional EHIC replacement.