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House swap anyone?

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maddy47 Thu 27-May-21 19:30:13

Since we can't really go abroad on holiday this year, how about thinking about UK house swaps. We've done house swaps in Europe before - France and Norway - and they have been very successful. We live in York - walking distance from the centre - with a semi-detached 4 bedroomed house. However, there are only 2 of us, so we would be happy with a smaller house/flat. Happy to consider anywhere in this wonderful country. What do you think?

Emmajane2 Sat 29-May-21 20:09:12

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WharfedaleGran Sun 27-Jun-21 08:56:01

What a great idea! I house swapped years ago, and it worked really well. I’m not in a position to consider this at the moment, but you’ve got me thinking now! It’s a shame you haven’t had more replies. This could be a great resource, especially for those of us who find themselves alone in later life and are looking for safe ways to have a holiday and travel alone.

Brompton28 Sat 09-Oct-21 11:37:31

I have often thought of 🏠 swap
But, unfortunately 😕 I live in a 7th floor apartment in Sefton Park Liverpool. Can't see anyone queuing up to swap with me .

DiscoGran Sat 09-Oct-21 13:55:03

Ooh Sefton Park, I grew up around there. Is the Peter pan statue still there?

Nannan2 Sat 09-Oct-21 13:58:57

There you go- DiscoGran might swap with you?....😅

DiscoGran Sat 09-Oct-21 14:48:50

Haha, no,but thanks. If I wanted a house swap it would be for something a bit more exotic. (No offence Brompton).

MichelRohn Thu 23-Dec-21 15:25:17

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MayBee70 Thu 23-Dec-21 15:44:42

There was a series on tv about people house swapping. Forget what it was called. Good idea imo but our problem is we have a dog.

PamelaJ1 Thu 23-Dec-21 17:58:16

I would like a house swap with someone in Australia but I can’t think they would like to come here in January.
I hadn’t considered swapping in the U.K.

granfromafar Thu 23-Dec-21 18:14:12

I think this is a great idea but would have to persuade my OH! We have family and friends in Yorkshire so would make a great base. We live in West Kent and have a similar type house. Would need more information on insurance etc. Maybe pm me maddy47?

GrannySomerset Thu 23-Dec-21 18:24:47

When we lived in York we did several very successful house swaps in various parts of France. No problems, rabbit fed by various French children and we looked after several cats. Local children were keen to play with the foreigners and bicycles etc were a bonus. Go for it, Maddy. We used an agency and it was simple.

Grammaretto Thu 23-Dec-21 19:46:48

There are plenty of house swapping internet sites including this one run by the church.
We did it when we were poor young parents in the 1970s. It was through the organisation
NWR and good because we could pick a place where their DC were ages with ours and the kids had a toy swap.
The drawback is that most people don't live in holiday places - they tend to live in Suburbia.

I think at my stage of life, I would prefer not to have to worry about people in my home while I am away and it's a luxury to stay in an hotel.

Sago Thu 23-Dec-21 23:25:38

We have an apartment in Ripon that we have as a holiday let, I would love to do an exchange in the UK or abroad.
Our youngest has just started working in Oslo so I may look into an exchange there too.

mokryna Wed 29-Dec-21 18:17:35

I would like to visit Barcelona, anyone live there and wish to stay in a flat and see Versailles/ Paris?