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Would you take extra guests to a holiday let?

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GrandmaKT Mon 02-Aug-21 14:00:00

A friend casually mentioned the other day that 3 extra family members will now be joining them on holiday. She has booked a cottage for 6 people that sleeps 6. There will now be 9, 3 extras sleeping on camp beds. She hasn't thought to let the cottage owner know. Her attitude seems to be that she has rented the cottage for the week and can do what she likes with it.
As I have a holiday let myself, I know that this kind of thing really annoys holiday rental owners for two primary reasons:
1. It invalidates the insurance
2. If a property is overcrowded it increases the possibility of damage.
There are also health and safety concerns.
What do you think? Is it something that you have done/would do?

JaneJudge Mon 02-Aug-21 14:02:52

No I wouldn't. What will she do if the owners live next door?

rosie1959 Mon 02-Aug-21 14:03:10

I wouldn’t do it totally unacceptable. If the owner finds out they could all be evicted

GrandmaKT Mon 02-Aug-21 14:06:00


I wouldn’t do it totally unacceptable. If the owner finds out they could all be evicted

I don't think it had occurred to her that the owner might object!

MissAdventure Mon 02-Aug-21 14:06:55

No, I wouldn't do it.
I'd be afraid of getting found out and told off. blush

NotSpaghetti Mon 02-Aug-21 14:07:25

No no no no!
This is wrong on all levels.

JaneJudge Mon 02-Aug-21 14:09:08

aren't we all good? smile

Shinamae Mon 02-Aug-21 14:09:52

Just no

Cabbie21 Mon 02-Aug-21 14:12:38

Totally wrong. I doubt she will have read the T and C, but over occupancy will invalidate the insurance, and probably gives the owner the right to evict her immediately.

tanith Mon 02-Aug-21 14:13:39

No, it’s really taking the p***/a liberty serve them right if the owner is on the spot and refuses them.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 02-Aug-21 14:16:28

Have you mentioned to her that by doing this she is invalidating the insurance?

I would have advised her to check her contract carefully to avoid the risk of being told that either the extra people leave or they all do.

FarNorth Mon 02-Aug-21 14:19:46

I'm much too nervous about being caught out to try anything so cheeky.
I wouldn't want to be on holiday with so many people in cramped quarters anyway.

Many years ago, a friend, partner and 6 year old were coming to stay with us & our 2 young kids.
The friend also brought her 15 year old and his friend.
It wasn't too bad but I was much younger and more adaptable then.

Sago Mon 02-Aug-21 14:20:44

I also have a holiday let and it would be a huge NO!
It’s grossly unfair.
Also I would hate to be crammed in.

Lincslass Mon 02-Aug-21 14:29:02

Just so wrong, and very arrogant. She should be asking, not telling the owners. I have a name for people like that, who think they have a right to defraud others, not repeatable on here.

Kamiso Mon 02-Aug-21 14:38:02

Holidays don’t always go as expected but I would imagine it getting rather cramped and very possibly tempers getting frayed. Not likely to be a relaxing break.

Our old neighbour thought we were mugs for not stealing the bath towels! They were very well off but obviously had warped standards.

welbeck Mon 02-Aug-21 14:45:54

maybe that's why how they were well off !
the people referred to in the OP are what are known as Cheeky Pluckers.

dustyangel Mon 02-Aug-21 14:46:06

No, no and no again. We never did Airbnb, which is why I haven’t entered the GN competition, but when we had rebuilt and updated the old cottage on our land, to help raise funds, we camped out in the old barn until we could convert that. We rented out the old cottage firstly through a holiday company and then carried on ourselves. Most guests were fantastic but we had one family that we went against our instincts with. There were two bedrooms, one with double bed and the other with twin beds. The family had three children which we could have coped with had one been able to sleep in a travel cot. They booked and then a few days before arriving disclosed that the children were all in their early teens and would fit in!
We immediately said that their booking would be cancelled but they said that their flights were booked so that they would only bring two of the children and as they had directions by this point they would arrive by taxi to be collected from a nearby restaurant.
You’ve guessed of course that they brought all three and the taxi long long by the the time we could get there, we were confronted by three hot and exhausted young teens, we gave in.

We had to phone around friends to borrow a folding bed and bedding and fortunately the room was plenty big enough. I think they were all well aware of what their father (who had done all correspondence) had done and were embarrassed by it. But we learnt our lesson and were much harder in future.

ginny Mon 02-Aug-21 14:50:55

Definitely wrong for all the reasons mentioned above.
All you can do is mention the reasons to her and then she has to take the consequences if it caused problems with the owner.

maddyone Mon 02-Aug-21 14:58:13

Oh no, I definitely wouldn’t do that. It’s wrong. If she wants nine people to go she should have booked a place big enough for nine.

Esspee Mon 02-Aug-21 15:00:56

Now you know what kind of person she is perhaps you can start distancing yourself.

GillT57 Mon 02-Aug-21 15:04:40

That's seriously wrong, and not as the contract. There will be more water, more showers, more loo paper, more crockery used, more wear and tear. That's what Mumsnet refers to as CFers.

travelnan Mon 02-Aug-21 15:20:45

I live very close to a popular seaside town. Recently there was a case where someone had booked a holiday let for 6 people it appears 30 people arrived! They were given 1 hour to vacate the house. As for your friend she should be ashamed of herself that is a disgraceful, I only hope she gets the same treatment as these people did.

GrandmaKT Mon 02-Aug-21 15:21:09

Thanks everyone - not just me then! smile

Kali2 Mon 02-Aug-21 15:25:56

No I would not- I might discuss this with the owner and ask if it would be acceptable, and if they want extra rent.

Normally, we under-occupy - 2 bedroom is often advertised and for 6- but we have gone past this stage and like the lounge/living area to be bed free. And we have got quite fussy about each bedroom having own bathroom, unless one shared between parents and grand-children.

Kamiso Mon 02-Aug-21 15:38:35

An ex colleague used to go on several last minute bargain cruises every year and put her 16 and 14 year olds down as under 12s.

She thought we should lie about DD2’s age as she was 12 whilst we were away. Luckily we didn’t as the steward wished DD a very happy Canadian 12th birthday on the flight out.