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Life without a car

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GagaJo Fri 03-Jun-22 13:19:53

My car is kaput. I never particularly like it, but although I work from home now, I enjoyed the freedom it gave me.

However. They're expensive to buy/keep/run and I'm considering doing without one.

Anyone on here made this choice, not out of necessity? How have you found a carless life?

Golddustwoman Sun 14-Aug-22 14:35:19

since the start of lock down I have used my car much less - down from every day and doing 100 plus miles a week to just once a week and doing local trips. Im doing it because Im scared now of putting the miles on the clock due to money worries. Ive found the change relatively easy and I've found lots of new places within walking distance of my home to go to. I feel less stressed due to city driving too and Im saving money not just on petrol but because I am not going to places and spending silly money on eating out and impulse buying

welbeck Sun 14-Aug-22 14:40:01

i think many more people with older vehicles will just give up if when the ULEZ is extended to the whole of greater London.
it's going to hit small traders too, and the poorest, who don't have the money to buy a compliant car.

M0nica Sun 14-Aug-22 14:50:20

welbeck I have just bought a 10 year old car which is ULEZ compliant, there are plenty of them out there and increasing by the year.

Not that I ever drive mine in London or any where else where it matters. I paid reduced tax on my previous car, which was 20 yars old when it was written off, so that too met some emission reduction levels.

welbeck Sun 14-Aug-22 14:55:01

but i'm talking about the many people who are just about managing to run an old car at the moment.
in the outer burbs and beyond many people need a car to get to work. i'm talking about low wage jobs, domiciliary careworkers, multi-drop delivery.
and with the enormous rising costs of fuel and energy, and food, they will be stuck. it's so unfair.

M0nica Sun 14-Aug-22 14:59:20

But old cheap cars are old cheap carscars, whether they are ULEZ comliant or not and all cars need replaccing sooner or later - and this only applies to the very small group of drivers who need to go into the restricted areas of big cities.

For most people, whether, employed, self-employed or non-employed, they are never going to be driving in central London, so the need for a ULEZ compliant car is irrelevant - as it is in my case, however it means my car tax is only £30 a year and that is a saving on all the other higher rates.

Charleygirl5 Sun 14-Aug-22 15:00:23

I live on the outskirts of London and still drive locally. There is a fabulous bus service, the problem is the bus stop is about 6 minutes walk from my house and I have to have several stops to get there. I cannot carry much coming home.

I am aware my driving days are numbered and I dread that day.