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Flying to USA, current Covid rules.

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rubysong Sun 07-Aug-22 15:23:01

Hi, has anyone flown to USA since 12th June 2022? It appears from looking at their Government website that a pre-departure Covid test is no longer needed. Have I got that right? We fly to see DS1 and family in September and I am anxious not to get it wrong.

Sago Sun 07-Aug-22 15:31:55

You need to show proof of vaccination, no PCR tests needed.

rubysong Sun 07-Aug-22 15:35:37

Thanks Sago. Hurrah! This test within 24 hours of flying was going to be a problem for us as we would already have left home to travel from Cornwall to Heathrow.

Fleurpepper Sun 07-Aug-22 17:33:17


You need to show proof of vaccination, no PCR tests needed.

How many, and date limited?

Fleurpepper Sun 07-Aug-22 20:01:30

Many countries are asking for 2 jabs and booster, and have a time limit from the time of booster.

rubysong Sun 07-Aug-22 21:29:04

We've had 2 jabs plus a booster. I have sent for paper copies of our vaccination record from NHS.

Gillycats Sun 07-Aug-22 22:15:51

Most countries, including the USA, just need proof of vaccination. So if you have that on the normal NHS app on your phone you can just show them that, or print out the hard copy to show them. Either way it’s (that proof) currently acceptable until the end of the year.

Susiewakie Sat 12-Nov-22 13:57:45

Just your covid passport no tests needed