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Would you want your body to be returned home?

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Fleurpepper Mon 08-Aug-22 21:42:18

We never know what is ahead of us, and why or when or where?

I have made it clear to my OH and ACs and GCs that should I meet my Maker abroad, I would not wish for my body to be returned, and especially not flown back. thankfully they agree.

I will be buried where I fall. What about you?

welshchrissy Wed 17-Aug-22 09:36:09

Although luckily both of us are still alive at the moment my other half always said if he passed whilst on holiday bury him there as I would be more likely to visit the grave then if it was in a nice destination

Fleurpepper Wed 17-Aug-22 09:37:24

Do you feel the same welshchrissy?