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Advice on places to stay in Majorca please

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cascats Fri 12-Aug-22 11:57:19

Sister and I am planning a break in Majorca early October.
Can anyone give advice/experience of places for someone with reduced mobility. Somewhere with maybe an interesting old town area for wandering round, and beach. We will be using buses to get around the island and day trips with local companies. Thank you for any help/advice on this subject you can give.

Shirley48 Fri 12-Aug-22 12:29:49

We have stayed in Soller on the NW coast - lovely place. There’s an old wooden train you can get to and from Palma - through the mountains. Not sure about the reduced mobility aspect, sorry.

GagaJo Fri 12-Aug-22 12:42:14

Yes, definitely Soller or Deia. They're beautiful. Porto Pollenca is also lovely. My DGS was born on Mallorca, so it will always have happy memories for me.

Alternatively, there are lots of beautiful little inland villages, if you have a car and don't need to be directly on the coast, which is after all mobbed in the summer.

Shirley48 Fri 12-Aug-22 12:46:52

The OP is going in October, though, GagaJo

Fleurpepper Sun 21-Aug-22 21:05:12

Much prefer the North too. But also Cala Pi in the South, or Formentor in NW.

MarinaL Mon 22-Aug-22 00:15:42

Another vote for Puerta Pollensa, a very pretty resort. Cala D'or has lots of lovely shops and restaurants and lovely sandy coves. If you wanted somewhere very flat for easy walking try Cala Bona.

NikaaHaris Mon 29-Aug-22 20:45:02

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Concordia Mon 29-Aug-22 21:33:16

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ROBERTOO Tue 30-Aug-22 15:25:13

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Blondiescot Tue 30-Aug-22 16:41:44


jessmilligann Fri 30-Jun-23 13:46:35

I was in Mallorca in the spring and it's really beautiful there at this time of year. When we were vacationing there, I can't say that there were a lot of tourists, maybe we were just lucky, but everything was quite calm. My husband and I were there for almost 2 weeks and managed to see most of the island, we just decided that it was better to rent a car and go on a kind of mini trip around the area and we were not mistaken, it was really cool and I advise you to visit as many locations as possible if you are in Mallorca Rental24h

Georgesgran Fri 30-Jun-23 13:49:43

DD2 is a wheelchair user and has been going to Cala D’or every year (bar Covid) for 20 years, without any problems.

aggie Fri 30-Jun-23 13:59:50

I wonder how Cascats got on last October ?

Sago Fri 30-Jun-23 14:12:05

Cala San Vicente is a delightful place between Pollenca and Puerto Pollenca, for mobility it’s fine and has two great hotels and is on the main bus route.