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October in Europe holidays

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Rosie51 Sat 27-Aug-22 01:55:31

I'm attempting to plan a late October holiday to coincide with a wedding anniversary. Other significant anniversaries have had us celebrate in New York and further afield. This year I fancied something different. Any suggestions for a good European destination that won't require winter woollies? We love museums, galleries, ancient artefacts etc

Lucca Sat 27-Aug-22 14:28:58


Lucca Sat 27-Aug-22 14:29:58


Another for Italy here!
Rome if it's a short visit as so easy to get to and you can walk the city easily. Lots to do, fabulous back streets, less bustling than the summer. Hotels and restaurants to suit every budget. No need for a car.

If you want to travel a bit more I'd go further south to Puglia and Basilicata.
Spend a few days in Matera and visit the rupestrian churches - maybe stay in a cave hotel - then go over to Paestum where there are THREE fabulous ancient Greek temples and a great museum (and the best mozzarella ever).

Italy is fabulous.
Have a lovely celebratory time.

Rome has got a bit seedy? Scruffy? Lots of bin strikes, hard to get taxis etc.

JackyB Sat 27-Aug-22 14:46:35

I agree about Rome - avoid it if possible. I don't agree that you can walk around easily - the pavements are cracked, broken, full of potholes, and extremely narrow. The distances are short-ish, but you can't enjoy the sights as you have to watch where you're stepping. The city has so much to offer but it is all run-down and badly presented. Such a pity.

The South of Spain is perfect. We were there a few years ago in September and it was 44° at 6 pm. An exception, of course, but it should certainly be pleasantly warm. Such a richness of historical sites and culture, Angela's pictures only scratch the surface!

We did a coach tour (the distances can be surprisingly long if you want to fit a lot in. ) DH didn't like the idea of driving, and the coach tour covered exactly the right places, so that suited us fine. We tacked on a week in a holiday resort to recover.

Angela73 Sat 27-Aug-22 15:51:44

Crete is often still very warm in October and there’s Knossos to visit.

NotSpaghetti Sat 27-Aug-22 19:28:49

I am SO sorry you don't like Rome!!
I think it's fabulous. We tend to stay in a flat right in the centre where the every-day sounds make you feel like a local. We use cafés that the locals use and really are happy there.

Yes, it's not all squeaky clean - and none of it is like, say, Stockholm, but it's full of life and small so easy to get about.
We haven't been since the pandemic but have never had any trouble getting a taxi.
Maybe this deterioration has happened all at once.
... I would return in a heartbeat.

But maybe I'm looking for different things than you. After all, I also loved Naples when we stayed there - and that has definitely got plenty of less salubrious areas!

Lucca Sat 27-Aug-22 19:49:06

I do like Rome ! We went just before pandemic and noticed the deterioration. My brother was there last week and said the same about taxis, mess etc,

Have you ever been to the antica spezeria in the Trastevere district? Fascinating old pharmacy basically.

Lucca Sat 27-Aug-22 19:52:34


Glorianny Sat 27-Aug-22 20:03:03


Glorianny We're going to Rhodes in September. For a silly reason, I wasn't really looking forward to it, but your description of it has made me feel much better. Time to pack the gladrags!

There are some tacky bits, like all holiday resorts now, but it has some stunningly beautiful places as well. I'd compare Rhodes town to York- similar atmosphere, well preserved buildings but much better weather. And the acropolis at Lindos is amazing. Hope you enjoy it. If you get stressed out do take a boat trip to Symi, completely different atmosphere and scenery.

Witzend Sat 27-Aug-22 20:11:32

Cyprus can still be lovely and warm in October.

Rosie51 Sun 28-Aug-22 00:06:14

I think I'm narrowing it down to Rhodes, Florence, Cyprus, Seville or even somewhere else in Italy ? Indecisive, moi.... I'm not sure grin Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm website hopping and am sure I will find somewhere good having picked your collective brains,
Glorianny if Rhodes wins out I'm tempted to change the proposed dates to include the festival you mention.

NotSpaghetti Sun 28-Aug-22 00:11:43

No Lucca, we went to the church in the same piazza last time we were there as part of some loose research. We said we'd go back as we were staying in a flat just over the Ponte Sisto so no excuse really - but in the end we went out to lunch with a woman we met just walking around - and then had to leave as we were going on to Rieti and Petrella Salto.

Thanks for reminding me though. #nexttime

Catterygirl Sun 28-Aug-22 00:17:38

Southern Turkey stays warm throughout October. I swam every day and feel the cold. A flight from Antalya to Istanbul is very cheap. Not my scene. I go if I feel like it to visit the in laws who aren’t Turkish and live in the middle of nowhere. Athens could still be warm.

NotSpaghetti Sun 28-Aug-22 09:08:52

Just remembered a glorious holiday in Gozo! It was September but really warm still. I would definitely be happy to go there again. We stayed in a beautiful villa with its own pool. The car hire was cheaper than most places, the local people were warm and helpful and we loved the relative "wildness" of it. Even with teenagers it was a relaxing holiday.
Ggantija was tiny but fascinating.