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Being blithe and bold, booked a break to beautiful Barcelona

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mokryna Wed 31-Aug-22 19:02:59

Going somewhere I have never visited for four days end of October.
What did you do there suggestions, welcomed before I plan local visits?

AreWeThereYet Sat 17-Sep-22 16:19:38

I too love Barcelona, but can't add to the things already mentioned. A lot depends on the weather - we went once in the Summer when it was so hot we just did museums, shops and galleries as it was too hot to walk around outside. We were really lucky to catch a flamenco dance group in one of the squares one evening (lucky for me, MrA didn't feel so lucky grin ). We went later in the year for a few days and it rained one day but the other two we spent just walking around looking at buildings, and people watching from cafes. We each wear a slim money belt under our clothes with most cards, passports (if needed) and money in, just keeping a small amount in pockets split between us. When we visit a loo we get a bit more cash out. We have a card with quite a small credit limit that we keep for travelling mainly. Have a brilliant time.

Cfaz49 Sat 17-Sep-22 16:23:59

The Chocolate Museum!

Babs758 Sat 17-Sep-22 16:39:33

I used to keep my credit card in my shoe and carried a small amount of cash. Bear the lobster sculpture we were surrounded with young teenagers with clipboards trying to get us to sponsor them. One tried to grab my husbands camera. We were into them and refused to stop and told them firmly to go away. That said I had a wonderful time. We would get up early to q for the sites and got into the gaudi apts early so had those wonderful quirky chimney lots on the roof to ourselves for a bit. The Parc was great with some good buskers. We gave up wiring for the cable car. Ate lots of tapas, went to amazing rooftop bars and also ate quite a bit of sushi. It was hot in October and our hotel had a ribbon pool that went past the rooms and overlooked a basket ball court and lots of washing lines . To be honest I far preferred Barcelona to Venice as felt the latter very overpriced .

mokryna Sat 17-Sep-22 17:24:11

Babs758. I am planning to do the same as you, putting my credit card in my trainers under thé inner soles I have to use and carrying cash in small amounts in different pockets. I also have a skin money belt to wear inside my jeans. I hope this will be good enough

MerylStreep Sat 17-Sep-22 17:34:43

I’d completely forgotten about the Chocolate Museum.?

Babs758 Wed 21-Sep-22 11:44:19

Mokryna, you should be fine!

mokryna Wed 21-Sep-22 12:13:32

Thank you Bab758 it is a bit worrying.
Has anyone used the underground there?

Namsnanny Wed 21-Sep-22 12:14:39

We had a wonderful time just before covid.
These photos are a taster
The square surrounded by fruiting orange trees, filled with bright green parakeets, where we had our breakfast.
The bustling market where we went for lunch.
A view of the city. Which was especially nice as there were seats where we sat for a while eating fresh rolls and admiring the view!

Farzanah Wed 21-Sep-22 12:40:50

We’ve been twice and never been robbed or scammed, luckily. All the sites mentioned are great, but we are interested in Civil War, and did a civil war walking tour which was really interesting.
We booked our own small B&B hotel not in the main drag, and they were invaluable for food recommendations.
Our first visit was with grandson 8months old, who became ill, and visit to the Urgencias at paediatric hospital cost €700 + this was private not covered by EHIC. Make sure of your cover!

Namsnanny Wed 21-Sep-22 12:54:19

Good advice Farzanah
We didnt have any trouble from pickpockets or other scams either.
We ways wear a money belt though.
Learning about the Spanish Civil War must have been fascinating.

farview Thu 22-Sep-22 15:08:30

If you have time..take the train to Montserrat, go up in the cable car,its absolutely beautiful..

Esspee Thu 22-Sep-22 17:07:24

Farmor15 I have been trying to remember the name of that museum. It was the highlight of our visit to Barcelona.
It was surreal entering the elevator in the 21st century going down and walking into street level in Roman times.
If anyone knows the name of it I would be very grateful if you could let me know.

mokryna Thu 06-Oct-22 17:57:44

This is what I have planned so far,
I am open to any suggestions and recommendations. Thank you.

Day 1.
AM walk around and smell the roses

Mid-day Guided tour of Sagrada - booked
Tower nativity -booked

PM late?

Day 2.
AM Casa Batilo Blue- booked La Pedrera - booked

PM guided walking tour Old city and Ribera - booked

Day 3.
AM Park Guell _ booked - no tour available

PM. Gaudí, Sagrada Familia & Modernism guided walking Tour- booked

Day 4.
Bus tour not booked yet.........any recommendations.

PM late Church St Maria del Mar booked
Picasso Museum not booked yet

PM early ? evening airport