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European Christmas markets

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Jaylou Sun 09-Oct-22 16:49:06

I have a week off in Dec, and instead of hanging around the house thought I would go to a Christmas market in Europe. Having done a little research there are a lot of good ones. But just wondering if anyone can recommend one. I may combine it with a few days in Amsterdam, unless there is a lot to see in the vicinity of the market.

Mollygo Tue 11-Oct-22 13:29:52

We liked the Winchester one when we went pre Covid. York was good to with lots of artisan things, but both had the tat stalls. Seems to be general everywhere.

grandtanteJE65 Tue 11-Oct-22 13:34:50

If you want a smaller town I would suggest Lübeck or Husum.

Husum also has a permanent museum Weinachtsmuseum that only has Christmas things.

silverlining48 Tue 11-Oct-22 13:45:53

Lübeck has a wonderful old market square where I imagine the market would be held. Fabulous old Rathaus ( town hall). Great cafes especially if you like marzipan
( and I do). Happy to say I was born there. Really should go back.

Amalegra Tue 11-Oct-22 13:46:44

I think I’ll stay in the UK this year! Have always wanted to go to Christmas makers in Estonia, which I have heard are lovely, but it’s a bit too near a certain country for my liking. Next year, I might try Vienna as it’s a place I’d like to visit again. Such history too and the pastries…!

GranJan60 Tue 11-Oct-22 13:55:47

Cologne is brilliant - about 6 different ones in centre. German ones have good quality stuff and in Cologne there are lots of things to do before it gets dark (best time to visit for atmospherics). Get busy so preferably avoid weekends.

polly123 Tue 11-Oct-22 14:07:24

Another vote for the Frankfurt German market in Birmingham. Definitely worth a visit.

11unicorn Tue 11-Oct-22 14:10:31

Being German, I've been to plenty and I loved Munich and Nuernberg. Can also recommend Vienna. They are all not too far from each other so maybe you can do even more than one. But of course, each city also boast many other sightseeing opportunities.

Theoddbird Tue 11-Oct-22 14:14:30

There are plenty of Christmas markets in the United Kingdom. Surely it is better to spend your money here....

Norah Tue 11-Oct-22 14:14:45

Thread had me finding/wash gluhwein cups (two per city visit).

Germany: Rothenburg, Baden-Baden and all along the Rhein are nice (castles as well), as are Trier and Wittenberg (lovely museum).

The cups are a lovely way to remember.

millymouge Tue 11-Oct-22 14:16:04

Have been to the Lincoln Christmas market, it was really nice, would recommend it.

Bea0802 Tue 11-Oct-22 14:18:31

If you want to stay in the UK, try out Manchester. It's huge! and has everything. Definitely the best I've ever been to.

Gabrielle56 Tue 11-Oct-22 14:45:21

We did the original one in Manchester from year one to about 10 years ago then it grew into a massive pub experience with some really dreadful stalls dotted about the city's bottom end around deansgate etc. Very sad that the ott boozers from the offices take over everything! I don't go to see noisy pi**ed women and leery fellas vomiting everywhere! Crying shame ,maybe this year will be better after COVID woke us all up?

Gabrielle56 Tue 11-Oct-22 14:46:37


If you want to stay in the UK, try out Manchester. It's huge! and has everything. Definitely the best I've ever been to.

How long ago? Please say last year!?!

Jaylou Tue 11-Oct-22 15:01:40

Tks again for all your responses. I did have a long "short" list, but gradually whittling it down. Not made a firm decision yet as to where to go, but this thread has got me in the mood.

Notagranyet1234 Tue 11-Oct-22 15:06:25

I second Urmston gran my daughter lived in Berlin during university and I will never forget the many Christmas markets , the cold dry weather and the steamed plum dumplings

Lovetravel Tue 11-Oct-22 15:21:24

Just checked the Frankfurt German market in Birmingham is confirmed to be here from November! It’s fabulous!

Rebecca5 Tue 11-Oct-22 15:35:11

I used to work in Cologne and, as GranJan60 said, there were 6 in the centre (one on a boat on the Rhein). Fabulous atmosphere, quality gifts and lovely food and gluewein. Oh also an ice rink at one of them. Christmas markets in Dusseldorf were also very good. Writing this really makes me want to go back.

Secondwind Tue 11-Oct-22 15:36:11

My Mum and I went to Cologne market about 20 years ago. We also went to Koblenz, which was smaller then.
It was a great trip!

Nell8 Tue 11-Oct-22 15:42:17

Just a practical tip. Some of the lovely old town centres have cobbles (yes, thinking of you, Copenhagen) which are a killer if your shoes have thin soles ...

silverlining48 Tue 11-Oct-22 15:45:08

Good point Nell, I would say many of them have cobbles. Sensible footwear required.

Fernhillnana Tue 11-Oct-22 15:53:55

Frankfurt and Cologne.

Norah Tue 11-Oct-22 16:01:28

Lovely thread.

No bad news, just friendly advice.

Go, have much fun!

AreWeThereYet Tue 11-Oct-22 16:19:00

I agree Norah- obviously a lot of happy memories for so many people. I'm loving reading about them all. Sadly, Dusseldorf to me means netball not Christmas market, having lived ear there as a child.

Treetops05 Tue 11-Oct-22 16:28:43

I've only been to Bruges but there market is brilliant and there are some wonderful museums (art, chocolate, beer) so plenty of other things to do. Have fun - wish I could go!

Jaylou Tue 11-Oct-22 16:48:44

Thank you Norah, hopefully some of you will also visit one this year too. A GN meet up abroad!