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Has anyone been to Sri Lanka recently?

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Grannyjacq1 Sun 16-Oct-22 12:13:54

Just wondered if a holiday there is a good idea, given the recent political turmoil in the country. The travel agents etc seem to be taking bookings for holidays, but wondered what it was really like.

Riverwalk Sun 16-Oct-22 14:53:59

Not recently but went before Covid - not much help to you but just wanted to say what a wonderful country Sri Lanka is!

It has beautiful scenery, beaches, wildlife, food, and the people are lovely. smile

Casdon Sun 16-Oct-22 15:01:32

My daughter and son in law went there on their honeymoon earlier this year, they had a fabulous time. They had an escorted trip, with the same driver who took them to all the important sites and delivered them to their pre-booked hotels each evening. If you do decide to go, I’d recommend that way of doing it, because it will avoid you putting yourself at risk.

Callistemon21 Sun 16-Oct-22 15:32:52

Well, I wouldn't be going at the moment.
We're concerned about how safe it is for family over there.

Tourist areas may be different, of course.

Barmeyoldbat Sun 16-Oct-22 16:12:27

We went there years ago, believe it or not at the height of bombings etc. it’s a lovely country and really beautiful, spent time on an old tea plantation