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Holiday options without car

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bookwormbabe Fri 28-Oct-22 13:15:21

As we are without a car for the foreseeable due to my husband having to surrender his license for medical reasons and me not driving, we are looking to book a car-free holiday for next year, preferably with no flying involved and local departure points by coach or train. I was wondering whether anyone has used and has thoughts on any of the following:

Rail Discoveries
Great Railway Journeys
Shearings (we have previously used Leger, but no experience of Shearings)
Lochs and Glens
Just Go!

silverlining48 Sun 30-Oct-22 15:49:21

I sympathise about the driving licence, same thing happened to me (health problems) a few years ago.
It’s hard but there are positives, we had a few Rhine coach trips where you stay at one hotel so can pick and choose whether you join trips out or not. We are booked with Shearing's next month. Pick up isnt far but will still need a taxi.

Try a coach holiday to see how you like it or a cruise where luggage is usually managed by them and some include home to port and back transport.
Depending on mobility train trips are always good too. You could go on a package or just choose a destination either here or abroad, and book your own accommodation there fir a short break. We did this for years and really enjoyed it.
Hope your dh gets his licence back soon but there’s lots to do in the meantime.

Forsythia Sun 30-Oct-22 16:01:28

Friends of ours have recently used Saga and been picked up by a car from home, driven to port and the same on the way back. We are going to do it next year.

Forsythia Sun 30-Oct-22 16:02:08

Sorry I should have said for a cruise.