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When is free not free?

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Georgesgran Mon 31-Oct-22 08:55:38

Has anyone had a Sparks message from M&S offering a year’s next day delivery for free?
It ‘amused/puzzled’ me when I scrolled down that the free offer would cost £20.
I’m not interested in it, but is anyone still in the Premium Club and consider it worth it?
I dropped out years ago, but now getting offers to rejoin.

ElaineI Mon 31-Oct-22 09:06:02

I too was puzzled at this "free" delivery offer. I always pick up from my local M&S foodstore so won't be using it. It seems wrong to market it as free though.

Georgesgran Mon 31-Oct-22 10:57:57

I realize this is on the wrong thread