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Megabus, a nightmare journey

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ayse Fri 30-Dec-22 07:34:35

We used Megabus this Christmas to travel from Newcastle to Bristol and return. They advertise charging points on their coaches but they weren’t working in either direction. On both journeys the bus was delayed; no scheduled stops to get any food or drink; toilet disgustingly smelly and on one replacement coach not working. I had to climb into the luggage hold to retrieve our cases on the outward journey. Altogether a most unpleasant experience. We won’t be travelling by this bus service again.

I don’t mind economy but the facilities were not as expected and the only time we saw a customer service rep. was in Birmingham on our change of coach. She was very helpful and dealt very well with numbers of frustrated customers waiting for delayed coaches.

It’ll be National Express next time. DH says they are much better.

NotAGran55 Fri 30-Dec-22 07:40:55

Just out of interest please, how much was the fare on your journey?

ayse Fri 30-Dec-22 07:49:10

Cheap. £29 one way and £40 for the return journey, half the price of the rail journey, which is usually the way I travel. I used to fly Newcastle to Bristol but they changed the pricing structure. EasyJet is relatively inexpensive if you travel with a small under seat bag. If you have a suitcase enough for a week, it worked out last time I looked at £170 return.