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Holiday fir one!

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Bluesmum Tue 10-Jan-23 18:26:53

Apart from a few trips to Australia to visit family, I have never holidayed all my life until recently, when I went Australia and we took a two week holiday in Bali. Whilst I did not enjoy the food, or the thought of the conditions under which the food was prepared, cooked, stored etc, I really loved the luxury of the five star plus resort we stayed in at Nusa Dua, and it gave me a real yearning for more luxury style holidays in a warm climate with good food and nice accommodation. Problem is, I am on my own and have no idea where I would like to go or how to get there! Maybe Portugal? Greece? Spain? Anyone with any advice, I would be so grateful. Although I have turned 80, I am very mobile and active, love life and meeting people and enjoy very good health. I am booked on a family cruise for next September, but would love a break before then to get away from this winter gloom!

rubysong Tue 10-Jan-23 18:34:25

Get a brochure from Riviera or Saga. Riviera are escorted and take good care of people alone. Maybe Saga do too but I haven't travelled with them.

crazyH Tue 10-Jan-23 18:45:07

Bluesmum - what a wonderful attitude- such joie de vivre ! I am a couple of years younger, but don’t seem to have any energy- hope you get some good ideas from our friends here .

MerylStreep Tue 10-Jan-23 19:01:57

Good for you, Bluesmum
Definitely not Greece or Portugal this time of year. Andalusia is the only place in mainland Spain this time of year.
You sound adventurous so why not look at Morocco.
I’ve only done Morocco in the Motohome but I’ve been in some lovely hotels there.
Another place I’ve done in the winter is Cape Verde. That’s a 6hr fly, though.