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DaisyAlice Tue 10-Jan-23 19:01:06

A friend has asked if I would like to join her on a friend's group holiday to Kusadasi in Turkey in October. I am very tempted but I don't know the country or the region. It would be all inclusive in a 4☆Hotel. Any advise much appreciated.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 10-Jan-23 19:05:14

My parents loved Kusadasi, they visited repeatedly over many years.

DaisyAlice Tue 10-Jan-23 20:19:06

Thanks. That's good to hear.

MiniMoon Tue 10-Jan-23 20:27:43

I visited Kuşadasi in the late 1970s. I expect it will have grown since then. It was a lovely fishing town with two or three hotels. I don't know if its still there, but the hotel we stayed in was on a little headland in about the centre of the resorts coastline.
It's a beautiful area.

Iam64 Tue 10-Jan-23 20:39:37

Google is your friend
My parents loved it but it will be bigger and more commercial now. This means better hotels I suspect. Turkish food usually very good

Lexisgranny Tue 10-Jan-23 21:42:09

We visited Kusadasi in the late 1990s and loved it. As far as I remember there were lots of beaches within easy reach, a number of hotels, plenty of excellent restaurants and wonderful shops catering for the large cruise ships. There were interesting places to visit and the fortnight went very quickly. We have always said we would never return to the same spot, because there were so many wonderful places to visit, but if we changed our minds Kusadasi would be top of the list. I hope other Gransnetters can give you more up to date information, but we had a great holiday.

DaisyAlice Tue 10-Jan-23 21:54:51

I did Google the hotel and area but as someone who hasn't travelled I value the opinion of people who have visited the country or who know people who have. Its nice to have a personal recommendation. From everyone's comments it sounds like my reply to my friend should be a definite Yes Please smile Thanks to all.

Hellogirl1 Mon 22-May-23 22:09:38

We went to Kusadasi in 1994 and 1997, we loved it. It was quite a busy resort then, probably busier now, but I would still love to go back there.

Redhead56 Tue 23-May-23 07:39:20

I believe it’s lovely I had booked to go there in the 1980s but had to cancel as I was having my son. I was sick 24/7 so I never got there but a friend of ours goes regular.

aonk Tue 23-May-23 09:59:42

I loved Kusadasi. It’s a pretty tourist town. Very friendly people and you will have friends for company. You can visit Ephesus which is very interesting. I would advise you to go. Of course it can get very hot at certain times so do your research on that.

V3ra Tue 23-May-23 10:28:28

Read the TripAdvisor reviews for your hotel, in particular the ones for your age group and the time of year you'll be going.
Obviously there's a bit of "reading between the lines" required but you'll get an overall impression.

I did this when we were planning a family holiday to Greece last year and picked up several useful pieces of information.
One example is that there were no kettles in the hotel rooms, so as advised we took our own. Not something I would have thought of beforehand, but an essential to me.
Another was to take nappy sacks, as your toilet paper had to go in a bin! Forewarned...

Have a great time 🙂

Blondiescot Tue 23-May-23 10:31:30

We've been going to various different parts of Turkey usually twice a year for the past 20-odd years now (never been to Kusadasi though) and we love it. The Turkish people are incredibly friendly and welcoming and Turkish food is amazing!