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DianaLouise Fri 12-May-23 20:39:30

Due to illness we are unable to go abroad this year but would like to take a few holidays in the UK. Are there any recommendations for any hotels in the South /south East/ East of the country that has entertainment both daytime or evening.

Primrose53 Sun 14-May-23 08:17:31


All I can say is that you haven’t stayed in the right hotels

I did say there are more luxurious hotels but they would not provide entertainment.
I was trying to answer the OPs question honestly.

The hotels I have stayed in in this country were not luxurious but they had good ratings and the one in Bournemouth was right on the seafront. It looked like in it’s day it had been lovely but it was tired and they put us down near an indoor swimming pool which gave off a horrible musty smell.

Maggiemaybe Sun 14-May-23 09:34:15

The hotels we encountered in the UK were sub standard and what are called 5 star would be 3 star in other countries.

Which 5 star hotels are these? I’d be very surprised if a 5 star offering 3 star accommodation survived for long in this day and age, where we can easily review a hotel before we book.

Our 3 and 4 star hotels in Australia were okay, but as instantly forgettable as any we’ve stayed at here or in Europe. Whereas the only three 5 stars we’ve stayed at - in Switzerland, the US and the UK - have all been outstanding.

silverlining48 Mon 15-May-23 17:19:20

Hotels dont generally do Entertainment, neither day nor evening, other than the occasional pianist.
I mentioned Warners earlier and have remembered another called Potters somewhere in the SE whuch I think has day/evening activity. Might be bowls related so you would need to check.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 15-May-23 18:40:24

I still have no idea of what entertainment the OP wants. I can only equate that with a holiday camp or a cruise. Does she want bingo or lectures? Either way I don’t know of a good hotel which would fit the bill. Maybe a break offering artistic tuition or meditation or excursions to historic houses, museums or galleries is what she’s looking for. Lord knows.

Callistemon21 Mon 15-May-23 19:05:04

Lots of activities to choose from here:

From off-road cycling and mountain-biking to zip-wiring, surfing or coasteering, you are sure to be spoiled for choice in some of the most exciting parts of the UK.

Nannashirlz Tue 16-May-23 12:11:50

I stop in a lot of hotels visiting family members I definitely wouldn’t pick one out of a newspaper it could be a scam. I use or premier inn or IHG or bed and breakfast so I can read ppls reviews plus using these places you have more protection you have to be careful because some of the bed and breakfast have shared bathrooms if that doesn’t bother you then you will be fine me I normally stick with premier inn or IHG because I know I’m going to have space my own loo and a comfortable bed and nice breakfast and lovely staff and clean.

Nannashirlz Tue 16-May-23 12:13:50

Or pick a coach trip there do with hotels and entertainment etc just had a leaflet dropped into my house

DanniRae Tue 16-May-23 12:21:18

I too can recommend Potters at Hopton-on-sea, Norfolk. I went there a few years ago but friends who have been recently say it still the amazing place it always has been smile

Sawsage2 Tue 16-May-23 13:00:57

We like Premier Inns. I'm disabled and hate lifts so I book an accessible room, I drive my mob scooter straight into room smile. The Cleethorpes one is lovely, next to Heritage little train onto prom.

SueEH Tue 16-May-23 13:35:29

I took my dad to a Warners weekend last year and was very impressed.

Yellowmellow Tue 16-May-23 14:00:32

Warners adult only hotels. StudleyCastle is lovely

Yellowmellow Tue 16-May-23 14:37:30

Nothing wrong with a Travel Lodge or Premier Inn, but question was a hotel with entertainment

sundowngirl Tue 16-May-23 14:43:20

Warners would be ideal. Try the Herotage hotel ones with signature rooms rather than the ones with Chalets like Corton Beach. In the South we like Littlecote, Cricket St Thomas Bembridge on the Isle of Wight and they have a new one in the Cotswolds. Adults only and Entertainment every night, swimming pool and Spa. Potters in Hopton Norfolk or Five Lakes in Essex also good

Whitbygal Tue 16-May-23 20:20:53

Thoroughly recommend Warner Resort Hotels. Excellent food, lovely rooms, pleasant staff and great entertainment during the day and every evening.
We’ve stayed at Bembridge on the Isle of Wight, Heythrop Park in the Cotswolds and Nidd Hall near Harrogate and next month we go to Thoresby Hall near Nottingham.

Just Google Warner Hotels and you’ll see all the lovely buildings of these hotels. Prices are reasonable when you consider they include breakfast and evening meals, all entertainment and access to swimming pools etc.

Catterygirl Tue 16-May-23 20:51:41

Stayed at Warners Heythrop Park in the Cotswolds in January. Really lovely. When it rained we went to the on-site cinema. Two theatres offering entertainment in the evening. Outdoor activities when the weather is good.

NotSpaghetti Wed 17-May-23 01:18:57


As Rosie says, I can think of some lovely Hôtels, but not any that provide entertainment, apart from occasionally on Saturday evening.

This is my experience too.
Do you really need entertainment in the hotel?

Foxygloves Wed 17-May-23 07:46:35

Just to show we are all different - if any hotel advertised “entertainment” , I’d run a mile !
Hi-de-hi! grin

Monigran Wed 17-May-23 08:14:25

The problem hotels are experiencing with hiring staff makes it very difficult for them to provide much more than basic hospitality.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 17-May-23 08:26:57

We’ve had some very good Warner Holidays, Isle of Wight, Herefordshire, Nottingham to name a few.
Plenty of things to do during the day. Archery, shooting, mini golf and usually lovely gardens to wander around, at one we did an evening Ghost walk and of course evening entertainment. You can see the entertainment listings on their booking site. We used to go for the ones where they had professional entertainers booked in.
Food is also very good.

rosie1959 Wed 17-May-23 08:52:29


The problem hotels are experiencing with hiring staff makes it very difficult for them to provide much more than basic hospitality.

Most hotels that provide entertainment tend to outsource the entertainers they use.
Apart from the bigger venues like Potters Leisure and Warners who have their own entertainment teams.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 17-May-23 08:58:08


Just to show we are all different - if any hotel advertised “entertainment” , I’d run a mile !
Hi-de-hi! grin

I’d join you!

Fleurpepper Wed 17-May-23 09:14:09

Me too. But each to their own.

There are excellent quality Hôtels in the UK, but they are VERY expensive.

LakesGrandad Tue 19-Sep-23 20:33:32

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