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bookwormbabe Tue 30-May-23 13:20:46

Hi, we are going on a trip which involves getting across London from Victoria Coach Station to St Pancras on a Wednesday afternoon. We will have luggage with us so we do not fancy braving the Underground. It is many years since I last got a taxi in London. I have had a look online to get an idea of costs, but one website said it would be around 17 pounds odd, and another 40 pounds! Has anyone used a taxi recently to get across London? Which of these is more likely to be correct, or would it be somewhere in the middle? Thanks.

Ilovecheese Tue 30-May-23 13:22:38

Last time was in 2019. From Euston to Victoria was £20. Sorry nothing more recent.

NotAGran55 Tue 30-May-23 14:02:09

In March , Victoria to Paddington, 2 passengers, mid afternoon, no luggage, Uber -£8

tanith Tue 30-May-23 14:36:59

It’s literally 4 stops on the Victoria line from the Victoria coach station to St.Pancras if your luggage isn’t too heavy.

B9exchange Tue 30-May-23 20:51:35

Depends how desperate you are to avoid the tube. Rome2Rio says a taxi will take 10 minutes and charge you £40. Have you thought of Uber?

M0nica Tue 30-May-23 20:55:06

Kings Cross to St John's Wood cost £17 three weeks ago.

BlueBelle Tue 30-May-23 21:09:21


bookwormbabe Wed 31-May-23 13:18:28

Thanks all. Never used Uber but just checked their prices and it came up as 21-23 pounds. Underground would be okay as long as it isn't super busy, not sure how busy it gets these days it's so long since I last used it.

M0nica Wed 31-May-23 20:35:52

The underground is now very busy all day long. Disconcertingly so, when you haven't used it for sometime.

NorthFace Wed 31-May-23 21:04:36

Depending on how much luggage you have would a bus work for you? Service 390 goes from Victoria Bus Station towards Archway via Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road and Euston Road.

vegansrock Wed 31-May-23 21:15:05

Uber isn’t as good as it used to be, far fewer cabs available, If you don’t want to brave the tube, I’d just go for a black cab and treat it as part of the holiday experience. If it’s not peak time and you are able bodied the tube is ok just squash on for a few stops, people with luggage get on it all the time.

welbeck Wed 31-May-23 21:21:41

bus would be better than tube, with luggage.
will you be able to walk with the luggage from the coach station to the front of victoria station.
why not just bite the bullet and pay for a proper taxi.
will still take much longer than 10 mins though.
but i think that is the safest option esp for out- of -towners with luggage.
less stressful. and that matters too.

Rosie51 Wed 31-May-23 22:12:38

Uber prices vary according to current demand. Recently to prebook an Uber for a trip the cost was set at £40. We booked a local cab firm instead for £19. Out of interest I looked at Uber again around the time I would have called them, one 2 minutes away £17. You just can't tell. Black taxis are incredibly expensive, especially if you get caught in traffic, but are easy to find in central London.

vegansrock Thu 01-Jun-23 03:52:53

Buses are terrible with luggage -nowhere to put your case except squash it by your legs or stand up in the buggy space - I’d much rather get the tube - I travel on the train and tube all the time , often taking a wheelie case. Plus the bus takes longer. At least with the tube you know 4 stops is only going to take 10 minutes tops.

NotAGran55 Thu 01-Jun-23 06:04:31

It looks like we were very lucky with our £8 Uber price, plus the driver and car were very good.
We had intended getting the tube but when we descended the stairs there was an announcement about the crowds. Passengers were being held back and not allowed through the turnstiles until the platforms had eased. We only had shopping bags with us but didn’t fancy the crush.

bookwormbabe Thu 01-Jun-23 13:15:59

Thanks all, I think we will shell out for a black cab to save a stressful start to our holiday.

JRTW2 Fri 02-Jun-23 11:10:22

Sounds about right. £20. What date?

Romola Fri 02-Jun-23 13:32:53

Black cab Waterloo to King's Cross £20 March last year

BazingaGranny Fri 02-Jun-23 13:38:05

Wise decision. The underground and the buses can both be quite difficult with luggage. And the step free access for the underground can be very hard to find! The black cabs, although more expensive, can use the taxi and bus lanes and can get to your destination quicker than some of the Ubers or other private taxis.

PS Someone said a pre-booked Uber would have cost £40.00 and one that was just telephoned for, ie not pre-booked, was about half that. that’s been our experience too and the difference between booking an Uber and just hoping one will turn up.

Hope you have a fabulous holiday.

Pearl30 Fri 02-Jun-23 14:03:44

We used Uber to travel from s Kensington to Kings Cross March this year. Cost £20 but took us longer to complete 4.5 mile journey because it couldn’t use bus lanes. Took black cab from S Kensington to Buckingham Palace which cost £11 for the 1.6 mile journey.
I’d Definitely recommend choosing the black cab to avoid being stuck in traffic. And I wouldn’t travel with luggage on the tube or bus - why make life harder for a small saving? Enjoy your trip

Modompodom Fri 02-Jun-23 17:27:40

It really depends on the time of day, as traffic is heavier at certain times, and consequently would cost you more, but I would advise you to travel in comfort and get a black cab.

She777 Fri 02-Jun-23 19:57:46

I travel from Manchester to London about once a month. I get a taxi from Euston to Hatton Garden or Euston to the V&A and they are usually about £20.
I would say depending on the time of day you should be OK at 20-25
It takes all the stress out of the tube or a bus.
Enjoy your holidays.

Dorset Fri 02-Jun-23 22:25:46

You may pay a few pounds extra but for peace of mind and excellence you cannot go wrong with a black cab.

GardenofEngland Sat 03-Jun-23 00:17:07

I recently used a black cab from Paddington to Royal Albert Hall. Only used it because it was raining and I had my 4yrs old grandson with me. It cost £12 for a few minutes and what a rude driver! I asked where I paid whilst waiving my credit card he said at the front window so out we got in the pouring rain and he said he wanted cash I said I didn't have that much in change. I then had to get back in his cab with the little boy and use the machine on the door which I hadn't noticed and he deliberately didn't tell me about. And the machine indicated a tip on the first screen! NO my tip is don't try to rip people off who you are aware will pay by a credit card! I got the bus back.

Kandinsky Sat 03-Jun-23 08:13:10

Agree that a black cab is the best choice - I’d never use an Uber, heard too many horror stories.