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Hell hole of a holiday cottage

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Bella23 Sun 09-Jul-23 13:07:30

2 weeks booked with a reputable firm in a cottage. On Wednesday night, we decided to come home.
Access had briars, weeds, nettles by the picnic table , and grass growing out of it, the window was obscured by a large tree.
Inside curtains in the bedroom hanging from too few hooks. No washer/dryer, washing line or clothes airer. Ironing board no iron. No dishwasher tablet. A cupboard full of scraps of food people had left.No instruction book
The owner of the cottage came with prospective buyers on the first morning. We could have said no but were shell-shocked from the long journey.
On Friday I phoned the company to complain and was told the first line of complaint was with the owner. He refuses to reimburse any money when contacted by them.
I m writing because it could be you.Don't believe what the brochure says or photographs. Have a good look around and read the company's instructions asap. In small print, it said to contact the owner with complaints. Take photo evidence which we were too thick to do.We both feel like such fools.blush

Norah Tue 11-Jul-23 16:29:14


^Our holiday home is indeed a safe investment, for us and our family. We love it and can't let it -- because near constant use.^

Norah I wasn't making a comment on people having second homes as investments, just the people who let them out without putting in the effort to provide a decent service to those who pay to use them.

I followed.

I hoped to say indeed most home and/or land purchases are the safest best way to invest, for good reason, imo.

Seamus89 Thu 20-Jul-23 16:35:24

We enjoyed many self catering holidays in the UK over the past 30 years . Before internet a lot of the fun was the research and we were only badly let down once when the ‘attractive’ cottage was an unsafe building site. Now that the big companies are all online it’s pretty easy to check reviews etc unless it’s a new place. I return to two particular holiday homes every year and the owners have become friends ; guess we’ve been lucky.

AreWeThereYet Thu 20-Jul-23 17:02:29

We just heard that one of our favourite haunts in the NE is selling up so won't be available next year 😥We're absolutely gutted. Tried to book there earlier in the year and she was totally booked up apart from about three weekends later this year. Beautiful, well equipped cottages, always spotlessly clean, nice and quiet but not too far off the beaten track, close enough to visit family.