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Tui River Cruises.

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Mumsab Mon 17-Jul-23 14:03:11

We are thinking of going on a river cruise with Tui. We have been on many holidays with Tui many long haul and have never had a problem with them. But we have never been on a river cruise or any cruise for that matter and wondered if anyone else had. I'm particularly looking at the Danube, as the places they stop at appeal to us. Hungary, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.
Anyone been and what did they think?

Oldbat1 Mon 17-Jul-23 14:12:48

Hope you get some answers as i would like to do a River Cruise. Riviera Travel look good but expensive. Weve been on many Tui cruises and also did a Nile Cruise with them. The lectures about the different places we found very interesting. Excellent value for money. You can socialise as much or as little as you want. The ones we enjoyed most was Iceland, Fjords, Baltic, venice, montenegro, split, Dubrovnic. The Nile was just amazing - perhaps not nowadays. All Tui cruises.

Oldbat1 Mon 17-Jul-23 14:14:17

Sorry i digressed from River Cruising question but thank you for starting this topic.

Mumsab Mon 17-Jul-23 14:34:21

Funny enough I've also been on a Nile cruise with tui! Forgot I'd had done that, as it was part of a hotel and cruise rather than under their river cruise itinerary. The Tui river cruises look good value for money, all inclusive, including tips, but I can not find any reviews on them.

Norah Mon 17-Jul-23 14:43:07

Anyone been and what did they think?

Twice on the Danube with Viking River. Lovely areas seen.

Also ---

kittylester Mon 17-Jul-23 15:45:16

We have been on a few River Cruises with Riviera and would highly recommend them. The Danube was fabulous.

Aveline Mon 17-Jul-23 16:19:12

We're big fans of Viking. Both their river and ocean cruises are excellent. Drinks and tips included. An included excursion in almost every port.

Norah Mon 17-Jul-23 16:44:25


We're big fans of Viking. Both their river and ocean cruises are excellent. Drinks and tips included. An included excursion in almost every port.

We are Viking fans as well. If the cruises at all overlap we begin at different "ends" and see any previous sights from opposite perspective.

I was wrong, however, in clicking my second link.

Meant to be:

Floradora9 Mon 17-Jul-23 16:49:01

My favourite type of holiday we have dobe quite a few with Riviera travel the Dunube being a favourite. As the boat glides along you pass such lovely scenery with hill top castle . You do not need to go on the excursions if you do not want to . There are nothing like the crowds onboard like sea crusing and we found the food lovely . We have also done a Vikings cruise but it was more expensive. We met a 90 year old man on one cruise.

Visgir1 Mon 17-Jul-23 17:30:07

My sister has just got back from a Nile cruise which she said was one of the best she's ever done.
It was from the Co op.. Have a look and see if they have anything you can check out to give you more choice.

Mumsab Mon 17-Jul-23 19:12:24

Thank you I will check all other options that posters have kindly mentioned. It's for our 30th wedding anniversary in April and we felt like doing something different our normal hotel holidays.
What clothes should I expect to wear in April on the Danube weather wise? I realise it won't be Caribbean hot 😁

Imarocker Mon 17-Jul-23 21:24:32

I did my first ever river cruise with Titan (now Saga) last year on the Rhone and loved it. It was relaxed and friendly. Every day was a different town. My only comment would be that we enjoyed the included excursions but felt that the two extra ones that we paid for were overpriced and disappointing. We have resolved not to pay for any extra ones in future but will definitely be river cruising again. We have booked The Nile and want to do the Douro.

julieray Tue 18-Jul-23 11:23:28

Came back last night from a Blue Danube cruise with Riviera Travel. Absolutely fantastic - I just couldn’t fault it. We added on a city stay in Vienna to ours. It’s a beautiful cruise, staff were such fun and so efficient. I marked them as excellent in every aspect on the questionnaire. We were on the William Wordsworth ship. Happy to answer any questions you might have or send you photos if you would like

BassGrammy Tue 18-Jul-23 11:34:56

We’ve done river cruises with Riviera. They are expensive but worth it! The only additional money we spent was for coffees and tips which are optional. For next year, the drinks package is included too. It’s a very relaxing holiday…lots of great excursions with knowledgeable guides all included in the price. 3 cooked meals a day should you want them and packed lunch when you are out for the day. We’ve booked another for next year on the Douro in Portugal. Not much in the way of entertainment in the evenings, if that’s what you want, but enough….a quiz night, visit from local musicians and dancers. We’ve met some lovely people too!

mrsgreenfingers56 Tue 18-Jul-23 12:05:28

Been on three river cruises and really enjoyed, especially as we chose Avalon which include bikes. We had wonderful cycling along the Rhine and the Danube. But beware of the low bridges as top deck closed a lot as the bridges are so low cannot allow guests on the top.

The weather in April and May was warm without being hot and the scenery so pretty and cycling great as river path and no traffic.

Grantanow Tue 18-Jul-23 12:07:36

We went on the Douro in Portugal with Saga - it was a jazz cruise - and it was very enjoyable. Visits to port lodges and villages. Good food. A day at the end to wander round Oporto.

Scapa1 Tue 18-Jul-23 12:19:31

We were on the Danube with Viking this April. As far as clothing goes it was 0C when we started in Passeu in Germany and 20C when we got to Budapest. Layers is the answer and plenty of them. Anything else just ask!

Albangirl14 Tue 18-Jul-23 12:22:11

We went on a cruise with Tui but would not go with them again. Our cabin was above the engine when we were eventually moved we were in an an inside cabin although had paid for one with a window. The compensation given for all this and disruption of moving was £55 - Rubbish! I know things go wrong but it is how companies deal with it that matters.

Scottiebear Tue 18-Jul-23 12:32:39

We've done a couple of river cruises and loved them. We did the Danube with Riviera about 6 years ago. It was wonderful. I personally would recommend to not book cabin on lower deck, as other boats pass very close. River cruises are quite expensive, but your food and trips are included. And you can stay on board if you don't want to go on the trips.

Jackiest Tue 18-Jul-23 12:35:45

Just back from a river cruise with saga. We were looked after door to door it was hassel free and the food good but it is not a cruise I would do again as there were far too few stops and we were stuck on the boat for days with the top deck closed due to low bridges.

Choose your cruise with care and make sure they are not attempting to go to far and there are long stops every day to enable you to get off the boat and explore the towns.

Jansue Tue 18-Jul-23 12:51:39

We went on the Danube last October from Budapest to Vienna with Tui on the Skyla and would thoroughly recommend it.
It was our first river cruise and we found that it was so relaxing and much more sociable than the sea cruises as you get to know more people. Beautiful scenery, cabin was very comfortable, food good and Tui were very efficient, all the staff couldn’t have been more helpful, nothing was too much trouble. We were lucky to get sun in October with one rainy day but we’re able to sit out on deck most days. But we took jumpers and a rain jacket just in case.
It was fascinating going through the locks, a little noisy maybe at night but we soon got used to it.
We look forward to going again on another river cruise and would choose Tui again as they were good value for money.
Enjoy your trip Mamsub.

MrsAF Tue 18-Jul-23 12:53:15

Hi. I did the Danube with TUI last year & I liked it so much I booked the Rhine this year. They’re not posh but truly the accommodation is fine ( we did a 2nd floor balcony window. Not sure I’d do the basic cabin) and the food was beautiful. All the staff were very well trained. They berth right next to Viking etc. Probably the common spaces are less opulent than the pricier options & the entertainment might not be first rate ( but enjoyable nonetheless). Just book it. I much prefer river cruising to ocean cruising.

catwoman Tue 18-Jul-23 15:47:46

Have done a Nile cruise twice. Fantastic. Great company & loved the entertainment. Started in Luxor,did a week in hotel as well. Flew to Cairo for tour,it was out of this world.

NLnanna Tue 18-Jul-23 16:03:54

I'll start by saying that I'm not a fan of cruising. Did it once, not for me. I live in The Netherlands and I have visited all of these beautiful destinations and they are wonderful! Go for it. You've used TUI for other holidays, so you know how they operate. You will not be disappointed.

Let us know what you decide and then tell us all about it. Bon voyage.

Bluedaisy Tue 18-Jul-23 16:08:00

Look on YouTube there’s several people on there who have done Danube cruising with Tui