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AIBU swimming pool etiquette..

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MrsAF Thu 19-Oct-23 14:44:38

I’m currently by a pool in the Canary Islands. It’s Adults Only wit the majority of guests over 60. Chose it because no swimming pool music or activities. My Q is…do family members need to call whilst people are away or maybe more importantly why do they reply from their sunbeds 🤯😡🤬. So far we’ve had sons calling Mum ‘yes we’re having a nice time, followed by a blow by blow of the room & restaurant; then daughter calling distraught that school have said GC is suffering due to broken home. I had even less sympathy for the woman calling her elderly deaf mother screaming can you hear me mothrr!!!. Go to your room/any room & leave us in peace please!! AIBU??

AGAA4 Thu 19-Oct-23 15:30:52

People nattering away on their phones in that situation where others just want peace is selfish. If they need to keep in touch with family they can text or email.

Joseann Thu 19-Oct-23 15:45:24

A few years ago on Dragons' Den someone invented a beach sun lounger towel with a zipped pocket for your mobile phone to go in. I remember thinking if you can't go for a swim or sunbathe without spending time on your phone, that's sad.

Mollygo Thu 19-Oct-23 16:12:01

It’s as irritating as a noisy group of people enjoying a card game cards on the sun deck

biglouis Thu 19-Oct-23 16:17:59

Try wax ear plugs as they will deaden the racket. I am nevfer without a box when I travel.

Jaxjacky Thu 19-Oct-23 16:21:45

If I wanted total peace on holiday I’d go to a retreat; who knows peoples personal circumstances.
People enjoying themselves on holiday Molly goodness!

seadragon Thu 19-Oct-23 16:21:53

I'm more upset by people using their mobiles while driving or out with their kids who are clearly used to being ignored but still try by various heart rending means to engage. That may be because I have had a proper going away holiday only a handful of times and only twice abroad with an onsite swimming pool which I used early morning when everyone else was still in bed and I had the pool to myself....for 3 weeks on one visit!

BigBertha1 Thu 19-Oct-23 16:43:50

On holiday in Crete this year some large gentlemen had brough a tablet to the beach area of the hotel to watch the football on so they were all jumping up and down and screaming not in English so we don't know what they were saying or who was playing). It was misery we went for a walk.

BlueBelle Thu 19-Oct-23 16:48:25

You really are being unreasonable to expect everyone to adhere to a silent rule around you if they want to tell their family they are having a good time or they’ve got a problem or that they want to catch up with kids or grandkids that’s up to them
Put your earplugs in it’s not all about your needs
Have a happy holiday ad let others do the same

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 19-Oct-23 16:50:41


Everyone is on holiday having a good time, maybe rent a villa with your own swimming pool next, preferably somewhere with no near neighbours.

Katie59 Thu 19-Oct-23 17:03:01

You can expect that kind of activity anywhere by a pool, we always used the beach for peace and quite, never had a problem

biglouis Thu 19-Oct-23 17:11:04

Ive always avoided family type hotels and never been a "sitter by the pool" for those very reasons. People in groups are noisy!. I always liked to be up and doing when I went abroad on holiday. Anyways my travelling days are over and when I look at the news I am glad. Been to Syria, Lebanon, Iran, UAE, Egypt and many Islamic countries where I imagine we Brits are not too welcome now.

Joseann Thu 19-Oct-23 17:28:13

Maybe if we chose a hotel WITH swimming pool activities - like aqua keep fit, water polo etc - that would actually drown the noise of people on their phones!

Mollygo Thu 19-Oct-23 18:10:10

People are noisy wherever you go. We were part of the noisy card group. We were laughing about the different interpretations of the rules for Euchre for us and some US friends we met. Loud laughing was unacceptable.
We were told off in no uncertain terms!

DanniRae Fri 20-Oct-23 07:12:06

Do you seriously expect people on holiday sitting round a swimming pool to be silent? Obviously the wrong holiday for you ....... as has already been said next time book a villa miles from any other villas!

M0nica Fri 20-Oct-23 08:05:44

If there are other people around then there is always the risk that they will be laughing, talking, playing, phoning etc.

Your desire for peace and quiet is entirely reasonable. To expect it when staying in a holiday hotel, which, by definition means staying somewhere where there are other people around, isn't.

Redhead56 Fri 20-Oct-23 08:39:32

I am not one for sunbathing by a pool never have been the wrong colouring for that. I would sooner sit in the shade enjoy a cocktail and read. I would pick a short holiday where I can enjoy the local culture and go on a tour to take in the views etc.

I do love to hear people enjoy themselves no matter where they are that’s what holidays are about enjoyment. Families with children pay a lot of money to go on holiday mine do so they deserve a good time.

rafichagran Fri 20-Oct-23 08:39:35

I am abroad at the moment, and I think you are being very unreasonable.
People have every right to use their phones. This holiday is not all about you. Just enjoy yourself and stop minding what others are doing.

RosiesMaw Fri 20-Oct-23 09:05:06

Oh dear OP, if you must insist on a holiday in the sun while the rest of us are developing webbed feet or shivering in a hooley what can you expect?
There is a price for everything and if you are enjoying sitting by the pool, so are the other holidaymakers. From what you recount you must have been listening carefully to the conversations! Try earplugs or find a quiet corner away from the throng or look into a more isolated type of holiday next year.
In the meantime try not to be so miserable- there’s worse at sea!

Imarocker Fri 20-Oct-23 09:08:43

Put your headphones on and listen to some music. Next you will be complaining that people are laughing and chatting. On our last holiday we made friends and even turned into one of those noisy groups who stand in the pool having a good time while other people are trying to be miserable. This is similar to a post I read recently where someone went to a gig and complained that people stood up and danced.

Oldnproud Fri 20-Oct-23 09:16:57

It annoys me that people have these loud phone conversations anywhere very public, whether it is on public transport, in a cafe or, like this, amongst other holidaymakers.
I think it is rude / inconsiderate whether there is a swimming pool there or not.

annodomini Fri 20-Oct-23 10:32:09

I'm relieved to say that no phone calls were received from any of my family in - severally - Greece, Mexico and Egypt this year. But I did have numerous photos and the odd message, by way of Whatsap.

nanna8 Fri 20-Oct-23 11:21:56

Sounds nasty. I wouldn’t like that at all. I don’t think it would happen here so much, at least I haven’t come across it. I get put out if I even see a couple of others on ‘our’ beach, never mind loud voices!

Chestnut Fri 20-Oct-23 12:30:03

I think if you go anywhere where there are lots of people you will get annoying noise and chatter. That would be on public transport or any busy area. You have to carry silicone earplugs with you at all times and then if necessary you can just switch the noise off (so long as it's safe to do so). I think long train journey are the most annoying if people are shouting down their phones.

But as others have said, you just have to deal with it or holiday somewhere quiet and away from others.

Caleo Fri 20-Oct-23 14:16:34

I'd not need any warning about holiday resorts because I'd not ever have considered staying in any such place.