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bridie54 Fri 17-Nov-23 12:53:31

I'm travelling solo to New Zealand early next year and need to arrange travel Insurance.

Are there any hints/tips/things to avoid/things to look for .....
I've been on comparison sites but the quotes vary hugely and there are so many of them.

I think it's just that, there are so many. How do you decide?

I feel a wimp just saying this but OH used to deal with these sorts of things and now it's me confused

Grammaretto Fri 17-Nov-23 13:07:45

I'm also going to NZ. I've upgraded my RBS bank card which gives me world travel insurance as well as a few other perks. It costs approx £20 a month plus a surcharge for being over 75.
I went into a bank branch where the staff helped me through it.

NZ has reciprocal health insurance anyway.

Don't worry. You and me will be fine.

bridie54 Fri 17-Nov-23 13:40:46

Thanks Grammaretto something to consider with the bank.

I've actually stopped for lunch now but the more I look at 'information' online the more the more 'ma heid birls'. I seem to think of more questions than find answers.

Grammaretto Fri 17-Nov-23 13:59:34

When are you travelling bridie ?
I'm going mid Jan to mid Feb to stay with DS and his family.
I'm beginning to get excited now.

bridie54 Fri 17-Nov-23 14:34:25

What a coincidence. I travel early January to mid February too.
I’m excited about going too. My GS was 10 a few days ago and I last saw him when he was 5, and his little sister was 1.
Am meeting a cat sitter next week so my mog can be looked after at home.
That says so much …. that I sort him out before travel insurance.

Tenko Fri 17-Nov-23 14:45:07

I have travel insurance with my bank Nat West . I pay a monthly fee and get travel and mobile phone insurance and other perks as well .
I’m on a few holiday fb groups and staysure seems to be recommended a lot . Do you have health issues or are on lots of medication? There are some which specialise for clients with health issues .
Do you do Facebook because there are groups for various holiday destinations, where you might get advice or on tripadvisor .

bridie54 Fri 17-Nov-23 15:46:07

Thanks Tenko. I’ve no health issues thankfully. I’m not on any FB groups as have really just started on this today but have already got a quote from Staysure.
Like I said it’s just deciding who to go with.
I don’t fancy changing banks if I don’t have to tho my daughter has a deal through her bank too.

Grammaretto Fri 17-Nov-23 15:51:43

The post office offers travel insurance too.
I'll pm you bridie

Davida1968 Fri 17-Nov-23 16:38:16

You might find it helpful to start by looking at Martin Lewis's '"Money Saving Expert" website - it has a section on travel insurance, and this gives lots of very good advice, IMO.
(If you have already booked your holiday/flights, then please DO NOT DELAY in getting your travel insurance, ASAP!) Good luck and happy travels!

Chardy Fri 17-Nov-23 17:29:16

Get travel insurance as soon as flights are booked.
As for freebies from financial institutions, I tried to claim after a burglary. Just the once, then I got proper insurance. I appreciate that if you're paying £x per month it's not free, but I was bitten, so I'm twice shy.

bridie54 Wed 22-Nov-23 19:08:44

Phew, it's done!

Thanks to everyone for advice.

I sat down with old fashioned pen and paper tonight, drew columns, looked at online quotes, and ticked boxes to satisfy myself that I'd looked at it all. (I probably haven't but it's done now)

Let's just hope that I don't have to make a claim anyway.

Am now off to watch some tv with a clear conscience knowing this is done.