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Oxon70 Sun 06-Nov-11 06:02:25

Did anyone see the programme about the old Music Halls on BBC4 recently?
I was fascinated and saw it again on iplayer - amazing how many of the old songs I knew! And also the new light on their innuendo.....

And: I realised that when the Britannia Music Hall opened in Glasgow in 1857, my greatgrandfather was living near there at the age of 17, and I wonder if he could have resisted this disreputable place! Wish I knew.

glammanana Sun 06-Nov-11 09:26:06

I did not see it but will look up on iplayer,I love music hall song's as my grandpa used to sing them to us when we where small.

Oxon70 Mon 07-Nov-11 19:40:49

Sorry Glammanana - my sister has just come back after a week away and she can't get it now.......but I can give a link for some bits from there in later years:

It's a little something....

Oxon70 Mon 07-Nov-11 19:41:45

Come to think of it, they may repeat it sometime!

susiecb Tue 08-Nov-11 09:30:16

I didnt see the programme but I love the songs. My grandmother used to sing them to me when I was small it was the only way she could babysit us while my mother did her housework. She had been very traumatised by the Blitz in the East End) and did not leave the house or her armchair much. I remember her as a very old lady with grey plaits curled twice over her head. She died in a flu epidemic when I was six - she was only 64. How different life is now for us grandmothers.