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Great Expectations

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Learnergrandma Tue 27-Dec-11 21:37:33

Is Gillian Anderson's fade-away version of Miss Haversham annoying anyone else as much as it is me? We are only halfway through the first episode and I am about the throw the cat at the TV. And isn't she about fifty years too young?

Anne58 Tue 27-Dec-11 21:42:43

Not watching currently, as DH has his choice on, but please don't throw the cat!

Learnergrandma Tue 27-Dec-11 21:47:55

My poor Muffin! He is perfectly safe, but I think DGC's left-behind teddy had better watch out.

crimson Tue 27-Dec-11 22:15:12

Oh, I'm enjoying it enormously; think perhaps it needed a different take on it, with it having been done so many times before. However, must admit to being disappointed that Estella is not at all beautiful. The guy playing Joe has been in a lot of things recently, has he not?

Learnergrandma Tue 27-Dec-11 22:27:01

Absolutely everything. I like him but can never think of his name. Every time he comes on we all chime "Oh - there's that bloke out of whatsit!"

glammanana Tue 27-Dec-11 23:45:42

I thought Miss Haversham looked very young but I still enjoyed it.

bakergran Wed 28-Dec-11 10:57:02

I have to say that I burst out laughing when the 'grown up' Pip appeared. It seemed like suddenly an Yves Saint Laurent perfume model had turned up on our telly!

He looked so completely out of place as a blacksmith it was quite hilarious and I couldn't really take the whole thing seriously after that.

HildaW Wed 28-Dec-11 13:39:09

Have no problem with Miss Haversham....what I do have is a problem with the complete lack of Dickens's humour. Its made it so one dimentional, all dreary and depressing when the book is full of the most marvellous characters Jaggers with his nods and winks and OCD, The Pumlechooks with their snobbery and silly gentility...if 'Wemmick' is played straight the telly is going off!. I also felt that the young Pip was amazing whilst the older one is very wrong. He is almost Dorian Grey!

Seventimesfive Wed 28-Dec-11 15:15:03

I am really enjoying Gillian Anderson's interpretation of Miss Haversham and the general atmosphere of the setting. Although she is younger than is usually portrayed, she comes accross as chillingly crazy and potentially dangerous. Agree that adult Pip is a bit of a shock as young Pip was excellent. However, it's only the first part so look forward to seeing how it develops