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BBC4 Saturday evening

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cazthebookworm Fri 20-Feb-15 17:45:52

Something decent for a change on Saturday evening. A new 10 part series at 9pm on BBC4 called "Hostages." A thriller set in Israel apparently comparable to "Homeland." Think I will give it a go, a definite improvement on the reality shows and Ant & Dec!!

Marelli Fri 20-Feb-15 18:53:59

Thank goodness for BBC4 on a Saturday evening! We've enjoyed most of the offerings at 9pm - and this latest one does look as if it'll be good.
We've been watching Homeland on Netflix, caz, as we hadn't followed it earlier. We're hooked now! smile

Charleygirl Fri 20-Feb-15 21:19:07

I also intend to give BBC4 a go tomorrow evening because otherwise for me there is zilch. I missed Spiral which I believe was excellent.

I loved the first series of Homeland but missed the next. There are many programme repeats but never the ones that I want.

janerowena Fri 20-Feb-15 21:40:36

BBC4 on a Saturday evening has been my staple for a few years now. Admittedly I have usually recorded them, rather than watched them at the time, but the programmes have always been excellent.

Retiredguy Sat 21-Feb-15 14:59:55

"In Hebrew with subtitles."
Subtitles are a no no here.
I can't see to read them.

janerowena Sat 21-Feb-15 20:46:50

Not even with glasses on? Are you long or short-sighted? I am long sighted and have problems with shiny reflective surfaces, but I can read subtitles.

Mishap Sat 21-Feb-15 21:02:58

I need sunglasses to watch programmes with sub-titles or instant migraine!

janerowena Sat 21-Feb-15 21:31:00

I had never thought of using those - but I do have night vision glasses for driving, after years of wearing sunglasses.

felice Sat 21-Feb-15 21:33:34

BBC 4 for me, the programme about the Sumatran tigers was excellent.
I am lucky in having a lot of high quality programmes from French, Dutch, Belgian and many other Countries here on cable which is the norm.
I must say French and Dutch TV is excellent, compared with the often sad offerings from the EBC.

hildajenniJ Sat 21-Feb-15 21:39:31

I bought a roku 1 streaming box from Tesco on my holidays. Saturday night TV is awful, so I am catching up on the things I missed since losing my recording ability when the sky box died. At the moment I have on a comedy film via Netflix.

janerowena Sun 22-Feb-15 17:52:35

I think we would get one if our broadband connection was better.

nigglynellie Sun 22-Feb-15 18:45:39

Saturday TV is truly dreadful! Wallander was excellent, but like all good things etc! We usually turn to the Discovery or Geographic/History channel. Sub titles are no problem, so may be we'll give Hostage a whirl on catchup, and see how it goes.

Tegan Sun 22-Feb-15 19:21:54

I've just finished watching series 4 of Game of Thrones; try to watch 2 episodes a night but ended up watching 5 today...keep having to see what's going to happen next. Am I the only person on gransnet that's addicted to it? I've been on the edge of my seat watching today [ and shed lots of tears as well].

nigglynellie Sun 22-Feb-15 21:01:59

No, I've not watched that, although I have wondered about it. If it does the rounds again I shall certainly watch.

cazthebookworm Mon 23-Feb-15 09:29:47

I enjoyed the first two episodes of Hostages, a good story line which kept me sufficiently interested to want to see more. The sub titles were a bit of a issue, but I got accustomed to them eventually.

janerowena Mon 23-Feb-15 13:30:31

I caught up with it last night - I thought it was very good. However, I am pretty sure the plot is identical to one in NCIS a few years ago!