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Falconbird Wed 01-Apr-15 08:25:02

Did anyone watch the above programme. I thought it was really well done and enjoyed it - but there were no animals, at least I think there were some silhouettes of animals on a distant hill. Is it just me but you can't have the story of Noah and the Ark without animals - it marred what would have been an excellent programme.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 01-Apr-15 09:17:34

Yes, I expected the animals to come, two by two, over the hillside at any moment! Maybe the animals were just the ones the people took on board with them, their own livestock.

It was very good though.

middleagespread Wed 01-Apr-15 12:00:35

I agree that animals would have been the icing on the cake. The acting was superb and the story brought to life with a modern day twist that kept my attention.

ninathenana Wed 01-Apr-15 12:32:09

I read last week that animals were not going to be used so as not to offend the Cruelty/exploitation of animals brigade.

Grannyknot Wed 01-Apr-15 12:41:36

We enjoyed it, we like David Threlfall, who was Noah. I read an interview with him where he was asked "How can you be the character in Shameless, and then do something so very different?" I loved his response - "I do a job that I get paid for. I show up, act, and get on with my life". So he is definitely not a luvvie then.

Joanne Whalley not so much grin.

Tegan Wed 01-Apr-15 13:09:46

I must watch this. Can't help but feel, though, that they didn't use animals to save money; they said on Game of Thrones that using animals for any scene costs a fortune.

numberplease Wed 01-Apr-15 16:01:43

I really enjoyed it, but I`m another who was waiting for the animals two by two.

nonnanna Thu 02-Apr-15 07:49:42

We watched it and I stayed awake! So it must have been good. Had to peer at the TV to spot the animals on the distant hill but vaguely recognised a giraffe. We thought it was very well done and were pleased we'd taken the time to view it. Loved the reference to the rainbow towards the end.

feetlebaum Thu 02-Apr-15 09:21:15

Some of the animals should have been seven by seven according to the yarn... probably the edible ones (for humans that is)

susieken Thu 02-Apr-15 09:42:05

According to the old song" only eight were saved". Mr Noah, his wife, three sons and their wifes. So we are all decended from Noah!

Elegran Thu 02-Apr-15 09:51:37

They could have shown some clips of animals, at least.

grandmaz Thu 02-Apr-15 14:10:00

Am I the only person who felt that the end tailed off a bit...? I mean I know that the end was really just a beginning in terms of the story iteself however I was rather disappointed in it.

That apart really enjoyed the programme. Well cast and superbly acted.

PRINTMISS Thu 02-Apr-15 14:36:22

I thoroughly enjoyed it, I just accepted that the people who were saved had their own animals, I think it made it a little more believable (if that is what you want to do) to have just a few domestic animals, rather than herds. Again, like many Bible stories it has withstood the times, and still holds the interest for some.

tinkerbelle Thu 02-Apr-15 15:13:36

I watched this on 'catch up' last night and thought it was brilliant, but was waiting for the dove to come back with the olive branch. However, didn't spoil it for me. I too loved the reference to the rainbow at the end. Will make me read the story again in the Bible, so must have had the right impact!