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What did we sing in school?

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JessM Thu 21-May-15 10:26:53

When I was in primary school in the 1950s we used to do singing in the hall every week. Most teachers in those days seemed to be competent pianists. I've been trying to remember the songs that we sang and can only come up with:
Green Grow the Rushes Oh
A frog he would a wooing gob(Hey-ho said Roly).
But there were lots more. And didn't they come out of a standard collection that was used in schools across the land?

TwiceAsNice Mon 22-Jun-15 22:24:49

I remember singing a song called The Trout and All through the Night
In school. My grandfather taught me My Grandfathers Clock and I am still word perfect. I sing Teddy Bears Picnic and Little Donkey to my granddaughter if she can't sleep, she loves them

Jomarie Mon 22-Jun-15 23:01:26

"....soft her wings are as the clouds of day,as she passes all the blue waves say, Marianina do not roam, wither ? hither? is your home come and turn us into foam - Marianina Marianina come oh come and turn us into foam."

Ring any more bells Katek and Greenfinch? Certainly this thread has rung lots of bells for me. My Mum had a blue song book (piano) all the ones mentioned here were in it plus loads more. It was well used and eventually fell apart. sad

Jomarie Mon 22-Jun-15 23:07:54

Going back to the OP about songs in primary school - I remember being about 6/7 and learning "The river sang softly to the leaves on the tree, I am waiting to take you on a journey with me. The leaves fell down softly on that quiet autumn day and floated by the river far far far away". I have never forgotten this and can still hear my class singing this and me feeling so peaceful and, if I'm feeling really stressed for some reason, this calms me even now. smile

KatyK Tue 23-Jun-15 17:09:43

I also remember

Lavender blue Dilly Dilly, lavender green
When I am king Dilly Dilly you shall be queen

10 Green Bottles

Polly put the kettle on

Something about put your shoes on Lucy, don't you know you're in the city. Put your shoes on Lucy you're a big girl now.