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Dark Horse

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Tegan Tue 18-Aug-15 19:44:27

Bought the dvd at the weekend and have watched it twice now. It's a documentary about a racehorse that won best documentary at the Sundance Festival and has been getting 5 star ratings in reviews [and was BBC dvd of the week last week]. Please DON'T let the trailer put you off. There is very little actual racing in it; it's more about a Welsh mining community that came together by breeding and running a horse. It's warm and funny and totally heart wrenching [but in a good way].Sort of like 'Kes' but without the sad bits. Not to be confused with 'The Dark Horse' that came out at the same time and is about [I think] drug abuse. I am biased because I followed 'Dream's' career very closely for many years. If you like stories about underdogs winning, this is your film [and also about a woman who said she was always 'someone daughter/wife/mother/sister' and just wanted to be taken seriously as 'herself'...and boy, did she succeed].