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Billy Connolly portrait of a lifetime

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gillybob Sat 05-Aug-17 22:06:46

Just watched this documentary on BBC2 . How fantastic . I'm crying and laughing and loving Glasgow and Scotland . smile

Primrose65 Sat 05-Aug-17 22:25:02

I missed him! He's one of my favourites too - I'll find him on the iPlayer and spend Sunday morning with Mr Connolly grin

baubles Sat 05-Aug-17 22:26:47

I saw some of it gillybob. The affection in which he is held by the people of Glasgow and Scotland shone through.

gillybob Sat 05-Aug-17 22:27:37

Oh do watch it on catch up primrose I can highly recommend it . Bittersweet because obviously he has PD but brilliant documentary and Mr Connolly at his best .

gillybob Sat 05-Aug-17 22:32:15

Made me desperate to come back to Scotland baubles ! DH and I were in the kelvin grove museum only in March this year . Also in the brilliant Riverside museum (at point house quay) too . smile

phoenix Sat 05-Aug-17 22:46:55

Yes, saw and enjoyed it.

nanaK54 Sat 05-Aug-17 22:50:08

Me too

paddyann Sat 05-Aug-17 23:11:33

met Billy at parties in the late sixties/early seventies and his first wife Iris was a neighbour just after they split up so we often saw him in the street.His jokes from back then that were on the programme still made me laugh tonight even though I'd heard them dozens of times before .Someone recently said to me WHY do Glaswegians love him when he constantly ran the city down..well as a weegie I dont think he did run it down he reported what he saw ,how he found it.We remember the old doors round the building sites and folk swapping their own doors for better ones off the "fence" and the walking the streets listening for a party .The songs in that particular whiney pub singer tone and the skelps because "I'll give you something to cry for" strange people Glaswegians..but also the kindest hearted and friendliest you'll meet.If Billy hadn't been born in Glasgow I doubt he'd have been half a sfunny or had a fraction of the tall tales he had ...because most were based on

Menopaws Sun 06-Aug-17 00:34:21

Best ever live gig long time ago, abs agony from laughing, lovely portrait programme then just watched the film 'what we did on our holidays' with him in, lovely

Chewbacca Sun 06-Aug-17 00:44:03

That was a cracking film Menopaws ! Sad, funny and bittersweet.
It doesn't matter how many times I hear his jokes, he cracks me every time.

ninathenana Sun 06-Aug-17 01:09:41

Love Billy, we've seen him live three times and each time left the theatre with aching face muscles gringrin
We watched the film for the second time tonight brilliant. Haven't seen the documentary yet as we were watching the Motown prog on Yesterday

NanTheWiser Sun 06-Aug-17 13:41:55

I watched it too, although I saw it the first time round. Billy really cracks me up - I watched "An audience with Billy Connolly" a few weeks ago - a really old repeat from way back in early 80s(?), and had tears rolling down my face. It was rather sad though, to see all the celebs in the audience who are no longer with us.

gillybob Sun 06-Aug-17 13:46:31

I saw "what we did on our holidays"
years ago too, but decided to watch it again last night . Enjoyed it just as much 2nd time around . BC really is a very good actor .

KatyK Sun 06-Aug-17 16:26:42

Lovely programme.

Nandalot Sun 06-Aug-17 17:37:08

Yes, saw it too, Gilly ob. Was about to go ago bed but couldn't stop watching. We have the DVD but still find it funny. All the acting was superb.

MiniMouse Sun 06-Aug-17 17:45:45

Does anyone else remember him in the film "Water"? Must dig my dvd out and watch it again!

mrsmopp Sun 06-Aug-17 22:27:18

I liked two of those portraits but not that weird multicolored one.

paddyann Sun 06-Aug-17 22:33:25

I loved the modernist one ,didn't think John Byrnes was a great likeness not sure about the Vetrianno.Love the sentiment between Byrne and Billy and the people on the street too,made me smile

Primrose65 Sun 06-Aug-17 22:55:11

I really enjoyed it and loved the Rachel Maclean print. Would quite like that as a cushion cover for on the sofa! I spent ages afterwards grazing through youtube at old Parkinson interviews and odd clips of his standup. Fabulous man.

rubylady Mon 07-Aug-17 08:34:44

NanTheWiser What a great name! Brilliant.

I've recorded this programme so will watch when the mood takes me. I do love Billy too though, always been a fan since I was a nipper, family favourite. So when I have time and won't be falling asleep, I will watch the best comedian ever. (And I'm a Boltonian, Peter Kay country!).

POGS Mon 07-Aug-17 13:23:32

What's not to like about Billy Connelly?

I thought all 3 portraits were good and it was interesting to see the different styles that captured him in various ways.

I think he was genuinely happy with all of them but I felt he had a fondness for the John Byrne one especially. I liked the style of the Jack Vetrianno portrait but I couldn't quite see Billy's likeness as well as I did in the other two.

Long may you keep making people happy Billy.

nigglynellie Mon 07-Aug-17 13:35:06

The joke(?!) about Ken Bigley?! Just thought I'd mention it

henetha Mon 07-Aug-17 15:33:47

Billy Connelly is top of my list of "People I really love but know I will, sadly, never meet".
What a wonderful man. And the programme was great. I liked all three portraits.... maybe the Vetriano one best.