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Tegan2 Mon 15-Jan-18 23:05:34

Anyone watch this tonight? We were confused as to why Paxman allowed some answers which weren't totally correct, but disallowed others. Felt he was being biased towards one of the teams.

maryeliza54 Mon 15-Jan-18 23:15:23

Agreed - he was particularly inconsistent this evening but I did enjoy the contest and liked both teams

Elrel Mon 15-Jan-18 23:18:10

Tegan -it may not be his decision what to allow but a producer's.
Maryeliza - yes, I almost wanted them both to win! Such close scores at the end!

Day6 Mon 15-Jan-18 23:42:29

Yes, I noticed he corrected one team (Oxford) because the last letter of the place name was wrong and didn't award them points even though he obviously had the answer right, but when a member of the Cambridge team pronounced something incorrectly he corrected them and gave them the points! Huh?

Play fair Mr Paxman! I wanted Oxford to win. Must admit once the team introduce themselves I decide there and then who I'll support. grin

WilmaKnickersfit Tue 16-Jan-18 00:54:00

He does this quite often and it annoys the heck out of me (happens on Only Connect too). When it happens I end up watching the scores to see if the point made a difference in the end.

Great show tonight though and both teams were full of beans or had been on the ribena! Except Stern who stood out by being so subdued. I told my DH Stern needed to get with the programme! grin Apparently Howe with the hair bow is Rev Richard Coles' godson. wink

We might have seen the champions tonight. wink

Grandma70s Tue 16-Jan-18 06:14:27

I thought this was a terrific UC game. The questions were interesting (not too much science!) and the teams very bright. I did notice one example of an answer being allowed when I wouldn’t have expected it, but it was something very minor. It’s only a game, after all, and these students are going to get on in life whether they win or not.

It cheers me up to see there are still really well-educated youngsters in spite of our dumbed-down society.

BBbevan Tue 16-Jan-18 06:56:29

We have always watched University Challenge, though I have to admit that we call it Emuversity . I think Roy Huddleston did a sketch about it many years ago.
I didn't notice Paxo being biased last night. But I do enjoy seeing young people who know things. Such a change from the phrase that has been banned from Pointless. " That is before my time"
I also like the quirky contestants. Of which there have been many , now and in the past.
May UC continue for many years yet

grumppa Tue 16-Jan-18 07:19:02

Gascoigne was biassed in favour of Cambridge back in 1966, the bastard. What? Sour grapes? Me? Never!

OldMeg Tue 16-Jan-18 07:24:30

Interesting grumppa 🤔

maryeliza54 Tue 16-Jan-18 07:28:43

I just love my Monday evenings - UC and OC. Perfect

travelsafar Tue 16-Jan-18 09:02:15

Love this program, moreso if i can answer some of the questions or even understand them in the first place!!!! grin

Teetime Tue 16-Jan-18 09:18:40

Jeremy is beyond reproach!!!! grin

Mapleleaf Tue 16-Jan-18 09:18:59

Very true, travelsafar 😁😁

judypark Tue 16-Jan-18 09:19:14

I've noticed in previous programmes when it's between Oxford and Cambridge he has been slightly biased towards Cambridge, probably because that's where he was a student.

Deedaa Tue 16-Jan-18 14:48:28

Always a must watch in our house. And so many contestants turn up later in other quiz shows. I've been doing much better with the maths questions since I realised that, however complicated the question, the answer is usually 1 or sometimes -1 !

Nonnie Tue 16-Jan-18 15:22:11

We always watch but it is hard at the moment as when DS lived with us it was one programme we watched together and we were always surprised at some of the answers he knew. Certainly didn't get that knowledge from us!

Elrel Tue 16-Jan-18 21:25:53

I usually watch UC and OC and really enjoy them. The celebrity UCS at Christmas are interesting too. I like seeing the photos of the teams as students and hearing what they studied. The subject of their degree often has no direct bearing on what they are doing now.

WilmaKnickersfit Wed 17-Jan-18 00:19:38

Quizzy Monday is back! 😎. When Only Connect was moved to Friday, we downloaded it from iPlayer and carried on watching on a Monday grin

Did anyone see the team on Only Connect with the three students that were on UC? I think they're still in the competition. Oscar is one of the them and I was surprised to see how tall he was when they were playing the wall round. He was quite different, not as quirky. 🤓

maryeliza54 Wed 17-Jan-18 02:29:26

Wilma we did exactly the same re OC - glad to know we’re not the only ones! Also surprised at Oscar’s height but disappointed at his not being quirky any more - thought he was rather subdued.

JackyB Wed 17-Jan-18 07:18:57

Fortunately, someone uploads both of these within hours after they have been broadcast so I get to see them, too. Interesting how Gail Trimble has evolved as a media personality since her first trepid steps on University Challenge.

I was shocked at the way that so many of the older contestants in the Christmas series didn't show much sign of having learnt anything since University. The questions were specially designed to not include too much science and "nerdy" stuff, but Bruce Dickinson seemed to be the only person who had actually accumulated any knowledge of life in his years since education.

Well, and the chap with the double-barrelled name who kept forgetting to buzz on the starters and then buzzed on the bonuses. But many of the starters were literary questions, so he had a head start there.

Greyduster Wed 17-Jan-18 08:50:49

I was rather bemused as to why the lady from Classic FM knew little or nothing about classical music - she seemed to be high and dry and rather embarrassed. I don’t know if she was a presenter; if she was, she wasn’t one I am familiar with, but even so I think she must have got a bit of a ragging from her colleagues when she got back to work!!

goldengirl Wed 17-Jan-18 13:30:01

Having the older contestants meant I knew the answers to at least some of the questions grin

nigglynellie Wed 17-Jan-18 13:43:34

DH and I love this prog. We rarely get a question correct, except the odd history/literary one!! Or even understand them!!
but we love trying and marvelling at how clever these young people are. smile