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Money for Nothing

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specki4eyes Wed 10-Oct-18 17:10:11

I love this show. It appeals on so many levels..clever artisans; eco friendly recycling; amusing narrative and cheerful presenters.....BUT can someone tell me why oh why is the guy called Jay perceived by the producers as a clever recycler? He seems to have only one trick up his sleeve which is to paint a leg a different colour - thats it! If his recycling method varies from this one thing (which isnt always appealing) its invariably a pastiche of someone elses method! He is often at a loss as to what to do whereas all the other upcyclers are brimming with fabulous, original ideas. Is it me? I dont get it.

ninathenana Wed 10-Oct-18 17:43:51

Agreed Jay is hopeless.
I loved Sarah's cushions today but find her irritating as a presenter.

Gagagran Wed 10-Oct-18 18:19:36

I find the prices she obtains for what is basically some tarted up old junk astounding!

Moocow Wed 10-Oct-18 22:34:23

Agree with lots already said but must say Jay's work aprons are always super duper smart must cost a lot!

merlotgran Wed 10-Oct-18 22:37:03

I like Becks the blacksmith and her OH. They are really clever and imaginative.

Like all things though. It's not how you make it, it's how you market it. Sarah certainly knows which buttons to press.

Nanabilly Thu 11-Oct-18 02:27:55

I've often wondered why he's thought to be good. Hate the painted leg look.
I don't like her presenting style or some of her work but other pieces are lovely . She certainly knows where to sell the goods though and get good money.

shysal Thu 11-Oct-18 09:17:04

I agree about Jay. I like Becks but feel annoyed that her husband is pushed to the background. They must think we will be more impressed by a female blacksmith.

BBbevan Thu 11-Oct-18 11:25:52

Why is Jay the 'foreman' on the Repair Shop. All the others do the work then he swans in at the end. No need for him to be there at all really. Jobs for the boys me thinks ?

tiredoldwoman Thu 11-Oct-18 14:37:35

I don't like Jay either ! I adore Guy who makes the unusual lighting and the husky voiced carpenter who , I think has a wee respectful fancy for Sarah !

FlexibleFriend Thu 11-Oct-18 20:12:29

The metal worker who was on today called Kev from Scotland absolute genius, some of the things he produces are absolutely stunning.

BBbevan Thu 11-Oct-18 20:46:40

I just love people like Kev and Ray who are so clever and just do their own thing. I quite like the hesitant lady from Brighton, who did the marbled cupboard

specki4eyes Mon 15-Oct-18 10:54:44

I agree about his Repair Shop presence..all those extremely talented people do a wonderful job and he comes in at the end, having done nothing, describes to the owners what's been done and takes the thank you's! I think he should go back to being a 'philosophy student'! I love the dippy, hippy upholstery gals in Bristol and clever Kev in Scotland.

ninathenana Mon 15-Oct-18 11:53:34

Kev is a genious, I would love to own one of his pieces.

FlexibleFriend Mon 15-Oct-18 12:59:41

Can you imagine the price tag on the highland cow out the front of Kev's workshop? I covet his thistles it's hard to believe they're made from metal.

Luckylegs Mon 15-Oct-18 13:41:54

I haven’t seen this programme but when Jay was mentioned I wondered if it was the same person who drives me mad on the Repair Shop by doing no work but swanning in at the end and enjoying all the thanks whilst having the loveliest leather apron but never dirties his hands!

specki4eyes Mon 15-Oct-18 14:56:20

That's him Luckylegs. Someone mentioned Jay's snazzy apron - the one he wears for MFN - theres never a mark on it!
There's another guy who is a finder/artisan - cant think of his name- jolly chap; he's very talented and a good substitute for Sarah, who's equally jolly enthusiasm I like.

lufcMike Tue 16-Oct-18 07:47:01

Agree with all comments but Norman has not had a mention. Amazing joiner but can adapt to any product. Droll sense of humour too.

BBbevan Tue 16-Oct-18 08:25:48

Can't forget Norman. Great , amusing man. Love his furniture

tiredoldwoman Fri 19-Oct-18 13:08:05

Yes, that's his name - Norman ! He's the one that has a wee fancy for Sarah !