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rewatched Indian Summers

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travelsafar Wed 10-Jul-19 06:57:29

Found this on ch4 catch up last week and have been enjoying a couple of episodes daily. I do recall watching when first on TV but somehow being able to watch in quick succession is so much better than waiting a week as i found i forgot some things from the week before and lost track of what was happening. If you love period drama give it a go you may enjoy watching agin like i did.

Jane10 Wed 10-Jul-19 07:37:04

I watched it at the time and enjoyed the setting and costumes but none of the characters were likeable. I sort of didn't care about them. I might give it another go though.

Marmight Wed 10-Jul-19 07:43:05

I watched this back to back on iPlayer a few months ago having missed it the first time round. Really enjoyed it. Strange lot!

mosaicwarts Wed 10-Jul-19 09:10:52

My husband and I watched this before our trip to Simla ... got a shock when we got there to find the vegetation was mainly scrubby trees! Hadn't realised Indian Summers was filmed in lovely jungly Penang!

Teetime Wed 10-Jul-19 09:28:21

I am rewatching it too - infinitely better than Beecham's House.

travelsafar Wed 10-Jul-19 12:40:33

Ha ha mosaicwarts i am watching it for the same reason as hoping to go to Simla nextyearsolike you disappointed to find out it was filmed elsewhere.I agree with Teetime too much better than Beecham house.

SueDonim Wed 10-Jul-19 12:48:21

If you like things set in India (although it’s filmed in Sri Lanka) The Good Karma Hospital is nice, easy viewing.

It’s modern-day and a bit shallow but there are some great characters in it and the setting is gorgeous. It’s relaxing viewing.

Jane10 Wed 10-Jul-19 14:58:40

Fed up! Decided to watch this series again. Was it on Netflix? No. Och. Looked on All4. Box set there. Fine. Just watch? Oh no. Have to register online on another device. Fiddled about doing that. What a palaver. Finally all set to watch episode one then what? Advert after advert. Can't face that. Switch to Netflix for uninterrupted viewing. Dumped All4 after all that. Pah!!

mosaicwarts Wed 10-Jul-19 16:18:25

travelsafar - have a google to see photos of Simla. Personally I didn't like it.