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Last Tango in Halifax

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bikergran Tue 17-Dec-19 18:10:06

Just read new series coming in 2020 not sure when though(just in case anyone interested) smile

inkcog Tue 17-Dec-19 18:13:57

Please God is it back?

inkcog Tue 17-Dec-19 18:14:27

Actually are the other series available please ?

bikergran Tue 17-Dec-19 18:23:57

Not sure if the other series are still available on catch up as its been a while now. Maybe google and see.

inkcog Tue 17-Dec-19 19:22:11

Oh cool biker gran, like yourself

sodapop Tue 17-Dec-19 19:25:42

Great, wonder how it will have moved on since last time. Loved that series.

BlueSapphire Tue 17-Dec-19 21:00:25

Ooh, thank goodness, I loved it.

Callistemon Tue 17-Dec-19 21:56:11

Yes, very interested, thank you bikergran

CanadianGran Tue 17-Dec-19 22:10:15

I really liked that series! We were late getting it here in Canada; a season or two behind.

Look forward to more of it!

LadyGracie Tue 17-Dec-19 22:24:40

Great series

AllotmentLil Wed 18-Dec-19 22:56:17

Thanks Bikergran, I love that series.

blondenana Thu 19-Dec-19 00:02:59

Yes it is coming back, some of it has been filmed in Bridlington, so i saw in my local paper
I am looking forward to it too,i enjoyed the last series,
Also as i am from Halifax i kept looking out for familiar places, but probably changed a lot now

sukie Thu 19-Dec-19 04:54:04

Great to hear, we really enjoyed that series!

Teetime Thu 19-Dec-19 08:52:12

I am very interested thank you.

sodapop Thu 19-Dec-19 08:53:31

That's interesting Blondenana I lived in Bridlington many years ago so I will enjoy seeing it now,

Winniewit Thu 19-Dec-19 10:22:34


Mapleleaf Thu 19-Dec-19 12:19:14

Good to hear. I enjoyed the previous episodes.

Greyduster Thu 19-Dec-19 13:05:58

Greatly looking forward to it. Top notch. Love Derek Jacobi!

Dottydots Thu 19-Dec-19 18:14:53

I can't wait for it to come back. Yippee! I loved every minute of the last series.

Jane43 Sat 21-Dec-19 19:10:43

Wonderful series, wonderful cast, I can’t wait.

Alishka Tue 24-Dec-19 17:47:21

Something to look forward to, then.Thanks for the alert.

Calendargirl Sat 04-Jan-20 10:05:07

Looks like LTIH will return in March, BBC2, Celia and Alan have been married for 7 years and have moved into a new bungalow. (Info courtesy of the Telegraph).

Bathsheba Fri 10-Jan-20 23:23:06

inkcog have you lost your ‘y’? I’m sure you were inkycog last time I looked confused Or was that your doppelgänger?

Namsnanny Sat 11-Jan-20 00:14:27

Calendargirl … !! hmm

Calendargirl Sat 11-Jan-20 07:16:46


Not sure to what the confused referred?