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Locke - film on Amazon Prime

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Jane43 Sun 02-Feb-20 23:04:02

A friend recommended this film to me and I watched it this afternoon. The whole film is just Tom Hardy driving a car and talking on the telephone which is how the story unfolds. It sounds mundane but it is far from that, Tom Hardy is an amazing actor.

Namsnanny Mon 03-Feb-20 02:39:13

Absolutely Jane43 .... o e of my all time favourites.
it keeps your attention without loosing any moment.
Tom hardy is a fine actor

NanKate Mon 03-Feb-20 07:03:38

I will check it out sounds interesting.

Namsnanny Mon 03-Feb-20 12:13:17

Good for you Nankate I think you will enjoy it.
Come back and let us know if you can smile