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Flesh and Blood

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hollysteers Sun 01-Mar-20 22:27:17

I’m interested to know what you lovely grans thought of this series if you watched it. I relished it but strangely it was very similar in narrative to another series on tv not so long ago.
The ‘ending’ was strange, so hope there is another series. In the reviews Imelda Staunton was lauded, but I found her acting over the top and a give away. I could watch Francesca Annis forever and she hasn’t succumbed to a face lift, all she has done in that way was a nose job in the late sixties.
Wish we had more dramas like this.

tanith Sun 01-Mar-20 22:28:43

There is a very long thread on this subject hollysteers

Callistemon Sun 01-Mar-20 22:30:24

There is a thread already on this hollysteers called ITV - Flesh and Blood.

I hope you find it as you may find it very interesting.

hollysteers Sun 01-Mar-20 22:47:22

Oh thank you, I will have a look.