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Love never dies

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tattynan Sat 25-Apr-20 17:11:32

If you enjoyed Phantom of the Opera last weekend then check out the sequel showing today on You tube the Shows must go on. I’d heard it wasn’t rated by the critics but what do they know. I enjoyed it.

ginny Sat 25-Apr-20 17:14:54

I enjoyed it too. The music was good but not so memorable as ‘Phantom’.

BlueBelle Sat 25-Apr-20 18:47:21

I didn’t like it much at all after the wonderful Phantom last week I think Lloyd Webber should have left the story as it was
I hadn’t read any critics remarks so wasnt influenced My friend emailed me this morning and said she turned it off I did watch it all the way through
The little boy had a lovely voice

I was particularly uncomfortable the way they were throwing that ‘little’ lady around like she was a rubber ball I didn’t like that at all