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Line of Duty

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Charleygirl5 Sun 02-Aug-20 12:13:45

Can I please remind everybody that part 1 series 1 is being shown on BBC1 Monday 3rd August at 9 pm. It was first shown in 2012 and I personally think it is one of the best series shown. It may be too violent for some but I do not want anybody to miss it.

felice Sun 02-Aug-20 12:20:31

For some reason I did not see it first time round so looking forward to it.
Recording as Pub Quiz Tomorrow night and we came 3rd last week, only 2 of us so we were well chuffed.

tanith Sun 02-Aug-20 12:25:09

I binge watched all of it at the beginning of the lockdown as o know i missed some first time around. I assume this is because a new series will out maybe next year.

Yangste1007 Sun 02-Aug-20 12:29:45

Thank you for the tip off. I hadn't noticed it was on.

Another series I really enjoyed was No Offence.

Charleygirl5 Sun 02-Aug-20 12:48:14

tanith apparently another series had been started earlier this year but they had to stop because of the virus.

tanith Sun 02-Aug-20 12:52:48

Thanks Charleygirl

EllanVannin Sun 02-Aug-20 13:25:08

Brilliant. I watched it first time round but worth another watch.

lemongrove Sun 02-Aug-20 13:28:56

Got all the series on dvd, such a good programme, great acting and plotlines.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 03-Aug-20 16:11:12

Yes, I'm really looking forward to this as I'm very much a latecomer to it. Boy, have I got a lot to catch up on!

AGAA4 Mon 03-Aug-20 16:14:08

Line of Duty is one of the best shows. I was watching 3 episodes a day as I just had to know what happened next.

Charleygirl5 Mon 03-Aug-20 16:14:36

My only hope is they are not showing series one and then zilch. I have watched it all but with my bird brain I can't remember most of it and tonight's episode was first filmed in 2012.

DiscoDancer1975 Mon 03-Aug-20 16:15:51

Brilliant series, can’t wait for the next one🤔

Curlywhirly Mon 03-Aug-20 19:53:35

Definitely THE best series I have ever watched - if you haven't seen it, watch it, you are in for a treat!

Iam64 Mon 03-Aug-20 20:25:38

I've watched all the previous series during lock down. Line of Duty does have some violent scenes (hide behind a cushion) but it's just such good television. Brilliant cast, love Ted, Kate and Steve and the bent coppers who star in each series. Fabulous

tanith Mon 03-Aug-20 22:45:54

Just watched the first one again tonight, it’s still as good even though it’s the third time I’ve seen it, just love the ending music. Watching that first episode made me realise something I hadn’t noticed before too, I can’t say as it would spoil it for those who are new to it.

Callistemon Mon 03-Aug-20 22:52:27

We missed the first series when it came out so it will be good to watch it and have more understanding of the background as they did refer back quite a lot I subsequent series.

The first episode was very enjoyable.
Martin looked very young!

Pittcity Tue 04-Aug-20 08:11:36

Amazing what you spot when watching again. A series well worth repeating.

Charleygirl5 Tue 04-Aug-20 08:51:22

I could not agree more Pittcity and I am really looking forward to tonight's episode. I am not sure how often it is being shown- twice a week or nightly. Time will tell.

Everybody looks so young but it was first shown in 2012. One of the best series ever in my books.

henetha Tue 04-Aug-20 09:09:32

I watched it second time around as I enjoyed it so much the first time... gosh, was it really 2012! Time flies.
Line of Duty is one of the best police series ever. I hope there will be more in the future.

Puzzler61 Tue 04-Aug-20 09:13:29

Brilliant Charleygirl, superb acting. Love the pace of it, was gripped right from the off last night.
Thanks for reminding us it was on 🙂

sodapop Tue 04-Aug-20 09:13:41

I came late to Line of Duty so missed the first series. It's good to catch up and see how it all started. I agree henetha one of the best police series I've seen.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 04-Aug-20 09:22:51

Watched it last night, they all look so young