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‘Knives Out’ on Prime

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tanith Sun 09-Aug-20 10:59:48

Watched yesterday evening and it was worth a watch. Typical ‘Whodunnit’ with Daniel Craig and Jamie Lee Fox, once you get past Daniel Craig and his awful American accent it was quite good as a Whodunnit.

annsixty Sun 09-Aug-20 11:07:38

I wanted to see this at the cinema tanith but realised I couldn’t get there.
I saw it was free on Amazon prime a few days ago ( that was a bonus) but I don’t have posh tv so can only watch on my tablet.
I will watch it in bed one evening and am really looking forward to it,especially after your recommendation.

Teetime Sun 09-Aug-20 11:48:47

We saw this last year at the cinema and didn't know what to make of it really but we watched it last night and quite enjoyed it. I quite liked DC maintaining what one character called his Foghorn Leghorn accent.

Tiwi Mon 10-Aug-20 05:10:05

Oh yeah it is definitely worth watching! I like everything about this film. Actors are good, set is beautiful and the plot is so catchy!

Now I think I should rewatch it tonight

Pittcity Mon 10-Aug-20 09:03:30

We loved it.
They kept calling the Daniel Craig character KFC.........

Gfplux Fri 04-Sep-20 19:15:50

What a wonderful film.