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You might find this funny

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Eloethan Sun 16-Aug-20 20:08:52

The thread about overheard conversations reminded me of something that made me laugh the other day. Carol Kirkwood, the BBC weather forecaster mixed up two words to describe the scene in Greenwich Park that morning, thus creating a most unfortunate (but entertaining) impression of daily life in the park. I could just imagine the camera crew falling about laughing while she, very professionally, soldiered on without so much as a twitch of the lips.

lemongrove Sun 16-Aug-20 20:23:56

I couldn’t get the video clip to load, but was able to read the account🤣poor’s gone viral apparently, and there will be grins wherever she goes.

tanith Sun 16-Aug-20 20:53:29

I missed that on the day poor Carol 🤣🤣

BlueBelle Mon 17-Aug-20 09:01:29

Loaded alright for me yes she did well to keep a straight face easy to get doggers and joggers muddled up 😂

honeyrose Mon 17-Aug-20 09:30:08

Ah that’s funny! Yes - CK did very well there to keep from dissolving into embarrassed giggles. Did anyone see the Peter Kay Car Share episode recently when Kayleigh naively spoke about dogging (thinking it was dog walking?!).