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The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies

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Namsnanny Wed 19-Aug-20 11:18:39

I love stories about ordinary people. Especially if it's about those of us who dont quite fit the stereotype or pidgeon hole they have been assigned.

I watched this the first time around and still found it a pleasure.

Jason Watkins is one of my favourite actors

Sparklefizz Wed 19-Aug-20 11:24:11

I might watch it again on your recommendation Nams. I thought Jason Watkins was brilliant in the part.

Gaunt47 Wed 19-Aug-20 11:29:04

I watched it again too. A sad and complex story, skilfully told. Yet again I found myself close to tears at lot of the time. Mr Watkins is a fine actor, I have admired him in several roles.

maddyone Wed 19-Aug-20 11:34:20

I watched it the first time around, and then watched it last night, having not watched the whole thing again. It still kept me hooked.
The main point really is the awful abuse that poor man suffered at the hands of the press, and the police. The whole sorry saga was absolutely shocking.

crazyH Wed 19-Aug-20 11:39:44

Great acting by Jason Watkins !

glammanana Wed 19-Aug-20 11:40:38

Jason Watkins what an absolute brilliant actor I watched this the first time around and really enjoyed watching it again this week.

henetha Wed 19-Aug-20 11:42:53

I watched it again too. Outstanding acting from Jason, and a dreadful tale of what life can become if you are in any way different. Such an injustice.

Calendargirl Wed 19-Aug-20 11:43:19

I just wonder how the murdered girl’s family feel about how her death is made into an albeit well made programme.

I assume they agree to it being shown, or perhaps that is not required.

I watched it first time round, thought he gave a really good performance, but not something I wanted to re-watch.

maddyone Wed 19-Aug-20 11:52:54

I don’t think the murdered girl’s family would in any way condone the way Christopher Jefferies was treated, by the police or the press. The family of victims would prefer the guilty person to be found and brought to trial, not the innocent. They would have no need to watch the drama on television if they didn’t want to see it.

Namsnanny Wed 19-Aug-20 11:53:16

Yes I thought so too sparklefizz I hope you enjoy it 2nd time around. [Smile]
In fact I'm going to watch it again!

The contrast between the drama of the situation Christooher Jefferies found himself in, and his measured responses was, as you say Gaunt47 skilfully represented.
What struck me again was how dedicated his friends were to helping him.
Sad to say that type of relationship is rare, even in families.
Tears were never far away in my sitting g room too!
I do hope Joanne's boyfriend (Guy?) Is
Coping? It must have been very hard on top of everything else to here their flat only took 24 hours to re let.

Namsnanny Wed 19-Aug-20 11:59:19


Namsnanny Wed 19-Aug-20 12:01:54

calendergirl ...I always worry about how the family might be feeling too.
It's a difficult one.

Namsnanny Wed 19-Aug-20 12:07:09

maddyone ... it seems nothing was done about the fact that the police must have released his statement to the press on the first place.
That's where everything stemmed from!

POGS Wed 19-Aug-20 12:58:43

Brilliantly acted and I enjoyed it watching it again as much as the first time.

Sadly years later and nothing has changed. You only have to look at the poor devil's such as Lord Brammel, Leon Brittan, Harvey Proctor, Ted Heath et al. The police, press and some Members of Parliament were disgraceful in word and deeds yet they get promoted in most cases.

The Kangaroo Court held by the public and Social Media are no better, in fact worse.

growstuff Wed 19-Aug-20 13:04:00

I haven't seen this new film, but I have read that the similarities with the German film "The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum". I wonder if anybody has seen both films.

Namsnanny Wed 19-Aug-20 13:04:40

Good points POGS!

Namsnanny Wed 19-Aug-20 13:06:24

I havent growstuff but it would be interesting to compare, I think.

MummyJoJo62 Wed 19-Aug-20 14:14:30

I watched it again too. Jason Watkins I think was nominated for an award for his brilliant portrayal of C J This program changed the way a lot of people started to think about jumping to conclusions The documentary about Rupert Murdoch was a real eye opener too (and well worth a watch)about The Levenson Enquiry which shut down The terrible News Of The World tabloid and brought in strict rules about defamation of character.

Deedaa Wed 19-Aug-20 15:51:29

I didn't see it the first time round, I suspect it was something that DH wouldn't have been interested in. Jason was so good in it. The thing that was so depressing was the way the public were so quick to come up with their own stories about him as soon as the press started the ball rolling, and the way all the organisations he was connected with cut him loose. Apparently nothing says sex maniac like a man who reads books and plays the harpsichord!

growstuff Wed 19-Aug-20 15:55:30

... and once had blue hair!

Namsnanny Thu 20-Aug-20 11:54:37

Your not wrong Deedaa but with regards to public perception, they were led by the nose to believe he was guilty by
1st) the police leaking his statement which was also altered.

Without this the press wouldn't have had the confidence to pursue him so relentlessly.

I find it so heartening that he had such devoted friends.
He clearly deserved them.

Yes the blue hair! Tongues must have been wagging g that day!

MsSafina Fri 21-Aug-20 10:20:00

Members of the public are completely defenceless against this type of behaviour from the press. It costs a lot of money to hire lawyers. As for the police, this is quite characteristic. They want a quick result. In the past this has led to innocent parties being wrongly convicted.

MsSafina Fri 21-Aug-20 10:21:39

*the way all the organisations cut him loose*
What is known as cancel culture.

Teetime Fri 21-Aug-20 10:25:26

I really enjoyed this and thought it brilliant acting - a very watchable actor so good in W1A and many other TV productions.

Namsnanny Mon 24-Aug-20 10:56:43

I agree Teetime!

I remember him in an early episode of Inside Number 9 (comedy series) playing a very irritating character, someone we all have in our circle of friends and acquaintances.
It had me in stitches!