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phoenix Tue 22-Sep-20 21:43:53

This was in 2 parts, first last night, conclusion tonight.

I really enjoyed it. Sort of bittersweet, slightly disturbing in places (the relationship between Ryan and Sally?)

Any one else watched it, and any thoughts?

Jane10 Tue 22-Sep-20 22:15:21

I saw last night's episode and really enjoyed it. It sort of felt authentic. I'm going to watch the next episode tomorrow.

Nonogran Tue 22-Sep-20 22:17:31

We enjoyed it too. Didn't realise it was made about ten years ago! I thought Sheridan looked young. Her lover from the train gave me the creeps though. It was something a bit different and I bet train/commute liaisons are quite common?

Maggiemaybe Tue 22-Sep-20 22:32:06

I enjoyed it, but couldn’t stand Carl or Sally, so didn’t care for the schmalzy happy ever after ending they both had. How dare they treat Olivia Colman so badly, she’s a national treasure!

I’d have stopped it at “I forgive you” and “Can I come in?”, then we could have dreamt up our own endings.

Ellianne Tue 22-Sep-20 22:38:44

There has been so much poor TV recently that this really stood out for me. Great cast, I've always liked Sheridan Smith. The story could have been cheesy, but it wasn't. I ended up feeling it could quite easily happen to anyone. Instead of disapproving of their actions, I actually felt sorry for the characters.

Charleygirl5 Tue 22-Sep-20 22:39:38

I could not stand Ryan but to me it was authentic. It was filmed in 2013 hence the fresh younger faces!

I think ITV and BBC have a few more like that up their sleeves.

Does anybody remember the original because I do not.

Doodledog Tue 22-Sep-20 23:06:21

I watched the original recently on DVD.

I enjoyed it, and thought it was a bit different. The storyline was probably unlikely, but I thought the acting was good, and I suspended disbelief enough to go along with it.

Coolgran65 Wed 23-Sep-20 03:28:09

I the last scene in the railway station I thought that Sally’s partner didn’t look like Ryan and actually wondered was she no longer with him. Dh thought the same.

Maggiemaybe Wed 23-Sep-20 07:22:18

I’m sure it was a different man at the station, Coolgran.

Calendargirl Wed 23-Sep-20 07:38:02

I watched the original years ago, think it was based on ‘Brief Encounter’.

Modern version not quite so stoical as Celia and Trev!

Re-watched first episode, still got second one to see, but remember I was disappointed with the conclusion.
Didn’t think Olivia Colman was right in the role at the time.

Always like David Morrissey, not so keen on SS.

Ellianne Wed 23-Sep-20 08:19:37


I the last scene in the railway station I thought that Sally’s partner didn’t look like Ryan and actually wondered was she no longer with him. Dh thought the same.

Yes, I think that was on purpose.
It was to show that Sally moved quickly from relationship to relationship (didn't she say she was previously married before Ryan?). When she hooked up with Karl, she always seemed to me less serious about it all.
The half smile of acceptance on Karl's face at the station said it all for me at the end.

Charleygirl5 Wed 23-Sep-20 08:33:19

I preferred last night's to the first episode and I am glad it was not dragged on for another episode.

Bellanonna Wed 23-Sep-20 08:46:28

Yes, Ryan was not the man with her at the station. I don’t think she’d have so readily waved to Carl otherwise. I was surprised that Carl continued to smile as he walked away.

Welshwife Wed 23-Sep-20 18:02:32

Ryan scuppered his chances with her when he started the’ I forgive you ‘ speech and talking about the money they had spent etc.
Her liaison with Carl most likely made her realise That Ryan was not right for her. The end few scenes told so much of what they both went on to do.