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Totally Under Control - BBC 2

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Jane43 Sun 01-Nov-20 23:01:54

This is a two hour programme about The Trump administration’s handling, or mishandling to be more specific, and politicisation of Covid19. A comparison is made with South Korea’s response. There is so much information in it I am going to watch it again.

Teacheranne Mon 02-Nov-20 00:39:41

I found this programme by accident and was very interested in what it was saying. some of the commentators eg the young volunteer and the CEO of the mask making company exposed some of the administrations mistakes.

Missedout Mon 02-Nov-20 09:54:05

Like Teacheranne, I turned the TV on and this programme had just started, I saw it by accident. DH and I watched it to the end. Once we had started watching, we we were gripped by it.

The timing of the showing is interesting, being so close to the US election.

I saw many parallels to the Covid response by the UK.

I would recomnend it to anyone interested in the handling of the Covid pandemic.

Jane43 Mon 02-Nov-20 11:57:43

There were some jaw dropping moments, unpaid volunteers being told by Jared Kushner, who I am convinced is a robot, to source masks and then just left to get on with it with no guidance at all, even having to use their own PCs and phones. Worst of all they were made to sign NDAs. There were also many heartbreaking moments, people trying to do the right thing which more often than not meant going against the President’s will to airbrush the truth and having their careers destroyed as a punishment for when they stood up for the truth. The claim that the Democratic administration left no guidance on how to handle a pandemic when there were multiple copies of a bound playbook in The White House with Trump’s Press Secretary standing, lying by brandishing a few sheets of paper saying that's all they were left with Was a blatant lie. The Trump administration is morally bankrupt and I am praying that the citizens of the USA give them their marching orders.