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Faking it.

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MissAdventure Thu 10-Dec-20 00:17:08

Has anyone watched this?
I've really enjoyed the couple of episodes I've watched.

I'm just about to see if a singer in a punk band can conduct an orchestra. smile

I'm rooting for him.

NotSpaghetti Thu 10-Dec-20 07:05:41

Is this back on? I saw a couple of episodes years ago. It was really interesting.
I wonder if it ever encouraged anyone to change direction?

MissAdventure Thu 10-Dec-20 11:57:14

It may well be a repeat of the original series.
I only happened upon it by chance, but last week was a vicar, sent to be a used car salesman, and last night the punk singer. smile

NotSpaghetti Sat 12-Dec-20 11:24:51

Where did you find it missadventure?

Aldom Sat 12-Dec-20 13:11:02

MissAdventure I used to watch Faking It years ago. An excellent, fascinating programme. Hope a new series will be made, but would like to watch re-runs. Where do you come across it?